Conversations on youth employment

Before the event Breaking new ground: Partnerships for more and better jobs for young people, organized by ECOSOC on 27 February, several Livestream conversations were broadcast live highlighting green jobs, innovations in promoting youth employment, entrepreneurship and talent matching for young people.

The event was organized by UN DESA’s Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination and the International Labour Organization (ILO), to increase awareness among Member States, the private sector, the philanthropy community and the general public on the progress made and the challenges faced by the employment-related targets and indicators in the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Moderated by Kevin Cassidy of the ILO, the five video dialogues increased visibility on youth employment issues and helped support the international efforts to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Innovations in Promoting Youth Employment

The first video dialogue with panelists Sharon Burrow from the International Trade Union Confederation and Ronnie Goldberg from the United States Council for International Business discussed innovative ways to promote youth employment by providing examples of current programmes, and highlighted the importance of partnerships between governments and civil society to ensure decent work for youth.
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Inspiring and Educating Young Entrepreneurs

Dialogue two centered on inspiring and educating young entrepreneurs with Linda Ben from JCI International South Africa and Esther Kyte from the Clinton Global Initiative. This session highlighted the experiences of young, successful entrepreneurs and the role of the private sector and governments in assisting young people overcome obstacles and thrive as entrepreneurs.
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Empowering youth with better jobs: Challenges & obstacles

The third dialogue had Susan Davis from BRAC USA and Poonam Ahluwalia from Youth Entrepreneurship & Sustainability discuss the obstacles and challenges of empowering youth with better jobs. The conversation addressed the economic aspect of youth development and civic engagement strategies.
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How can youth drive change: Promoting green jobs for a sustainable future

Dialogue four had panelists Andrew Fiddman from The Prince’s Youth Business International and Luis Viguria from Young Americas Business Trust, Organization of American States discuss promoting green jobs for a sustainable future. This session centered on determining how youth can take advantage of new environment-oriented employment opportunities.
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Talent Matching: Improving the Transition from School to Work

The last dialogue with panelists Jose Manuel Salazar from the ILO and David Arkless from Manpower Group discussed talent matching; that is improving the transition from school to work. The conversation highlighted the cost of the recession, especially for youth, on social cohesion and pointed to the increasing inequality gap in countries around the world.
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