Honouring excellence and innovation in public service

Honouring excellence and innovation in public service

“We can see that innovation is thriving throughout the world” voiced Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in his message for the United Nations Public Service Awards (UNPSA) ceremony.

With the theme “The Role of Public Service in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: Challenges and Best Practices” the 2010 UNPSA ceremony was held in Barcelona, Spain, co-organized by the government of Catalonia from 21 to 23 June.

Twenty-two recipients from fourteen countries were honoured with this internationally prestigious award for excellence and professionalism in the public sector, with awards ranging from a “Women Friendly City Project” by the Women Policy Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Government in the Republic of Korea to an “Online registry facilitating document access for citizens” by the Centre for Administrative Services of Tunisia.

“Public service is more important than ever today because of the broad array of crises that we are facing….We need to recruit into the public service an ever-increasing tide of ambitious youth who want to use their technological and scientific skills for the common good if we are to defeat poverty, disease, illiteracy and gender inequality and achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015,” Mr. Ban said.

“The winners have shown great dedication to upholding the values and virtues of excellent public service,” said Sha Zukang, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs. “They have provided examples of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability.”

Jose Montilla, President of the Government of Catalonia, and Mr. Jordi Hereu, Mayor of Barcelona, also delivered addresses in the awards ceremony to celebrate the contributions of civic society.

The UN General Assembly designated 23 June as Public Service Day and the annual award ceremony recognizes excellence in public service and hopes to inspire young people to pursue careers in the public sector.

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