Where: Pasadena, California, USA 

Area of Work: Education, Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment in the context of COVID-19 

The Closing the Gap project is a teenage-girl-led action research project aimed at bringing young girls' voices into educational policymaking in the United States. A group of young girls took action during the COVID-19 pandemic addressing the educational inequality in the United States. After a thorough study of the achievement data of 13,000 school districts across the country and examination of over 6,000 education bills,  this group of teenage girls formed their own education bill proposal and submitted it to the state senators and other law-makers. Despite the overwhelming challenges created by the pandemic and the discouraging voice of those dominant figures in their life, these girls persisted under tremendous mental and emotional pressure and succeeded in their research initiative. As of now, this group of girls are still in an ongoing conversation with the state legislature and doing everything they can to bring attention and support to their bill proposal. Their effort of advocating for girls' rights in educational decision-making is truly remarkable. 

Video provided by Youth Research Vox



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