Kamal Malhotra is UN Resident Coordinator in Viet Nam.

Game-Changers in Viet Nam’s Successful COVID-19 Response

People registering for COVID-19 rapid testing in Hanoi, Viet Nam. 18 April 2020. Photo: Truyền Hình Pháp Luật/Wikimedia Commons
Kamal Malhotra, UN Resident Coordinator in Viet Nam.  Photo: UN in Viet Nam/Nguyen Duc Hieu.

Viet Nam’s successful management of the COVID-19 outbreak so far can be at least partly attributed to the country’s investment during “peacetime”—the period prior to the pandemic. The country has now demonstrated that preparedness to deal with infectious disease is a key ingredient for protecting people and securing public health in times of pandemics such as COVID-19.