About Act Now

The ActNow campaign was launched at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 24) in December 2018, with a call from Sir David Attenborough in conjunction with the award-winning “People’s Seat” initiative.

The campaign has been embraced by influencers dedicated to climate action and sustainability, by leading chefs sharing sustainable recipes and hacks, and by companies engaging their employees and customers. Takeovers by the Angry BirdsPeter Rabbit and the Trolls, and a collaboration with Baobab Studios, gave ActNow additional momentum. A chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Instagram as well as a gamified mobile app by AWorld continue to engage audiences worldwide. And the Climate Action Superheroes kids’ version of ActNow opened the campaign up to kids and their parents. Below are some past highlights from the campaign.


Food and Fashion challenge

poster Act Now
poster Act Now


Its the season of fruits and vegetables for the Trolls

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit hero image
Peter Rabbit and friends are in the farmers market, bringing awareness to sustainable food and showing the importance of individual action
Peter Rabbit and friends make healthy food choices

Angry Birds

poster Angry birds

Elyx and ActNow.bot

poster Act Now


Grace Ramirez, chef

Famous chef Grace Ramirez talks about being sustainable in all parts of your life, and shares her tips on how to be climate conscious

Aidan Gallahger, Actor and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador

Actor and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Aidan Gallagher talks about the importance of eating plant-based meals.

Sustainable Fashion Life Hacks! - with Marissa & Shanna

Marissa and Shanna, share their climate conscious tips like driving less and bringing your own tote bag – small actions that can make a big impact.

Naja Saade, fashion designer

Naja Saade, Lebanese fashion designer, works to upcycle and reinvent unused textiles to ensure his designs are zero-waste fashion.

Alec Baldwin, actor

Actor Alec Baldwin joins the ActNow movement to tell us how every choice matters.

Flower illustration

Contact us

If you are a company or organization that wants to get involved in the campaign, contact us at dgccampaigns@un.org with ACTNOW in all caps as the subject line.