Local Project Evaluations


Afghanistan (PDF): Inclusive Local Governance through Synergies between Communities and Government (UDF-08-249-AFG)

Afghanistan (PDF): Citizens' Platform for Democratic Debates and Dialogues (UDF-09-316-AFG)

Afghanistan (PDF): Raising Awareness about Women's Social, Political and Economic Rights  (UDF-10-379-AFG)

Afghanistan (PDF): Involving Women and Youth Civil Society Organizations in Strengthening Democratic Debate and Public News Media around Elections (UDF-12-508-AFG)



Albania (PDF): Media Accountability (UDF-07-190-ALB)

Albania (PDF): Empowerment Through Citizen Journalism (UDF-08-264-ALB)



Algeria (PDF): Capacity-Building and Leadership Training to Strengthen Women's Participation in Public Life (UDF-09-307-ALG)



Angola (PDF): Increasing Women’s Participation in Politics and Decision-Making (UDF-09-286-ANG)



Argentina (PDF): Best Practices for Women´s Participation in Democracy at Local Levels (UDF-08-271-ARG)

Argentina (PDF): Supporting Political Dialogue and Debate (UDF-07-201-ARG)



Armenia (PDF): Creating a Network of Young Reporters in Armenia (UDF-ARM-11-465)



Azerbaijan (PDF): Developing Democratic Electoral Processes (UDF-07-173-AZE)

Azerbaijan (PDF): Creation of Women's Parliament (UDF-09-317-AZE)



Bangladesh (PDF): Active Citizens and Accountable Local Government (UDF-08-250-BGD)

Bangladesh (PDF): Building Participatory Democracy from the bottom up (UDF-11-445-BGD)

Bangladesh (PDF): Promoting Good Governance Among Tribal Inhabitants (UDF-09-318-BGD)

Bangladesh (PDF): Promoting Rights of Women Through Changing Mindset (UDF-07-174-BGD)

Bangladesh (PDF): Rural Media Development for Promoting Democracy and Human Rights in Bangladesh (UDF-13-559-BGD)



Benin (PDF): Citizen Participation to Improve Local Governance (UDF-09-287-BEN)

Bhutan (PDF): Strengthening Media and Civic Education to Enhance Democracy (UDF-08-251-BHU)



Bolivia (PDF): Representation and Political Participation of five urban indigenous populations in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (UDF-10-403-BOL)

Bolivia (PDF): Strengthening Democratic Participation and Inclusive Local Development in Indigenous and Peasant Communities (UDF-13-578-BOL)


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina (PDF): Learning and Living Democracy (UDF-07-191-BIH)



Brazil (PDF): Gender Advocacy at Local Level in Rio de Janeiro State (UDF-07-202-BRA)

Brazil (PDF): Promoting Freedom of Information Activism at the Local Level (UDF-09-340-BRA)


Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso (PDF): Éducation et formation des jeunes pour la démocratie (UDF-08-221-BKF)

Burkina Faso (PDF): Strengthening Democratic Capacity of Knowledge-Sharing Network on New Technologies (UDF-10-350-BKF)



Burundi (PDF): Preventing Violence During the 2010 Election Period (UDF-08-222-BDI)

Burundi (PDF): Strengthening Transitional Justice Processes (UDF-07-136-BDI)

Burundi (PDF): Strengthening Women's Political and Civic Participation in Democratic Process (UDF-08-223-BDI)

Burundi (PDF): Education Campaign for the Promotion of Democratic Principles and Dialogue (UDF-11-413-BDI)



Cambodia (PDF): People’s Access to Public Information in Cambodia (UDF-10-381-CMB)

Cameroon (PDF): Education in Electoral Law and Citizen Support in Electoral Processes (UDF-09-290-CMR)



Chad (PDF): Renforcement de la Citoyenneté (UDF-07-138-CHD)

Chad (PDF): Young Builders of a New Citizenship (UDF-11-415-CHD)



Chile (PDF): Empowering Communities to Strengthen Citizen Participation in Chile (UDF-08-273-CHD)

Chile (PDF): The Gender Equality "Social Watch": Following Bachelet's Government (UDF-07-198-RLC)

Chile (PDF): The Rights and Political Participation of the Mapuche Peoples of the Araucania Region (UDF-10-404-CHI)



Colombia (PDF): Monitoring Freedom of Expression and Democracy (UDF-09-341-COL)

Colombia (PDF): Spaces and Information for Citizens' Engagement (UDF-07-203-COL)

Colombia (PDF): Strengthening Democracy through Freedom of Expression and Peace Agenda for Journalists (UDF-13-COL-579)


Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire (PDF):  Improving Participation of 155 Women's Groups (UDF-IVC-09-291)

Côte d'Ivoire (PDF): Civil Society Engagement for Democracy and Good Governance (UDF-08-224-IVC)

Côte d'Ivoire (PDF): Promoting Democratic Dialogue and Social Cohesion in the Western region  (UDF-11-417-IVC)


Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo (PDF): Formation des Citoyens au Droit (UDF-07-141-DRC)

Democratic Republic of Congo (PDF): Strengthening Dialogue for Community Decision-Making (UDF-08-225-DRC)

Democratic Republic of Congo (PDF): Supporting Civic Participation of Grassroots Communities in DRC (UDF-08-226-DRC)

Democractic Republic of Congo (PDF): Defence of Vulnerable People and Democracy Restoration for Workers in the Exploitation of Mines in Democratic Republic of Congo (UDF-13-537-DRC)



Djibouti (PDF): Together against Gender Violence and Discrimination (UDF-11-436-DJI)


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic (PDF): Towards a Rights-based Political Culture for the Political Participation of the Dominican Population of Haitian Origin (UDF-14-631-DOM)



Ecuador (PDF): Participation Politique des Populations Marginalisées (UDF- 07-204-ECU)

Ecuador (PDF): Strengthening Ethics, Good Governance and Transparency (UDF-08-275-ECU)



Egypt (PDF): Building Democratic Spaces (UDF-07-162-EGY)

Egypt (PDF): Enlarging the Social Base for Democracy and Rule of Law (UDF-09-308-EGY)

Egypt (PDF): Women in Democratic Transition: Political Watchdog Unit II (UDF-11-437-EGY)

Egypt (PDF): Women in Democratic Transition: Political Participation Watchdog (UDF-08-241-EGY)


El Salvador

El Salvador (PDF): Strengthening Municipal Capacity for Access to Public Information in El Salvador (UDF-11-475-ELS)



Ethiopia (PDF): Enhancing the Functional Protection of Human Rights (UDF-08-227-ETH)



Fiji (PDF): Civic Education and empowerment for more women in leadership, from villages to parliament (UDF-11-448-FIJ)

Fiji (PDF): Women's Participation in Municipal Government (UDF-07-171-RAP)


Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (PDF): Equality and Equity for Romani Women (UDF-07-196-MAC)



Gabon (PDF): Appui à l’implication des jeunes dans les processus électoraux (UDF-11-418-GAB)



Gambia (PDF): Enhancing Women's Participation in Democracy (UDF-09-293-GAM)

Gambia (PDF): Strengthening advocacy capacity for civil-society (UDF-10-353-GAM)



Georgia (PDF): Citizen Journalists for Free and Fair Elections (UDF-10-396-GEO)

Georgia (PDF): Participatory Rights for Physically Disabled Persons (UDF-09-333-GEO)

Georgia (PDF): Advancing Pedestrian Rights in Georgia (UDF-13-574-GEO)



Ghana (PDF):  Addressing Governance Deficits Through Constitutional Reform (UDF-09-229-GHA)

Ghana (PDF): Promoting Citizens Participation in Constitutional Reform Process (UDF-09-294-GHA)

Ghana (PDF): Strengthening Participation of Women in Geographically Deprived Communities in Local Governance (UDF-13-538-GHA)



Guatemala (PDF): Civic Participation of Indigenous Youth for the Strengthening of Democracy (UDF-11-476-GUA)

Guatemala (PDF): Formation des jeunes pour la Démocratie et le Développement (UDF-08-276-GUA)

Guatemala (PDF): Strengthening Democratic Participation of Maya Communities in Rural Guatemala (UDF-10-405-GUA)



Guinea (PDF): Appui a la Gouvernance Democratique Locale (AGODEL) des Zones Minieres (UDF-12-489-GUI)

Guinea (PDF): Empowering Magistrate-Civil Society Collaboration for Guinea’s New Democratic Future (UDF-10-355-GUI)



Haiti (PDF): Educating Rural Women in Democratic Citizenship (UDF-08-277-HAI)

Haiti (PDF): Strengthening Human Rights Protection Through Legal Education in Haiti (UDF-12-529-HAI)

Haiti (PDF): ICT Empowerment of Women's Voice in Haiti (UDF-13-580-HAI)



Honduras (PDF): Empowering Civil Society and Women to Engage in Policy (UDF-07-208-HON)

Honduras (PDF): Youth for Democracy (UDF-09-342-HON)



India (PDF): Active Democracy and Political Participation Among Tribal Communities in the Himalayas (UDF-09-322-IND)

India (PDF): Strengthening Grassroots Democracy through Women and Participatory Media  (UDF-10-382-IND)

India (PDF): Strengthening the Leadership of Women in Gram Panchayats (UDF-08-253-IND)

India (PDF): Empowerment of Women through Innovative Vocational Education and Training (UDF-10-383-IND)

India (PDF): Panchayati Raj Institution Action for Community Development (UDF-07-177-IND)

India (PDF): Fostering Ethical Democracy and Advancing Micro-Justice in India (UDF-13-560-IND)



Indonesia (PDF): Developing Alternative Models of Natural Resource Governance with Indigenous Community Participation (UDF-12-510-INS)

Indonesia (PDF): Empowering Civil Society to Promote Social Accountability in Papua (UDF-09-323-INS)

Indonesia (PDF): Promoting Women’s Leadership in the 2009 Election and Beyond (UDF-07-178-INS)

Indonesia (PDF): Strengthening Local NGOs in Areas where Extractive Industries Operate (UDF-08-254-INS)



Iraq (PDF): Campaign for Community Concerns and Political Resolution in the South and South Centre  (UDF-09-309-IRQ)

Iraq (PDF): Civil Society Monitoring of Governorate Councils in Iraq (UDF-10-372-IRQ)

Iraq (PDF): Empowering Women as Leaders, Advocates and Participants in the Political Process (UDF-08-242-IRQ)



Jamaica (PDF): Strengthening Women's Leadership (UDF-07-209-JAM)



Jordan (PDF): Increased Citizen Dialogue through Strengthened Media in Jordan (UDF-13-553-JOR)

Jordan (PDF): Media and Art as Catalyst for Free Speech and Access to Information Right  (UDF-10-373-JOR)

Jordan (PDF): Student Civic Action for Engaging and Empowering Emerging Leaders in Universities (UDF-07-164-JOR)

Jordan (PDF), Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates: Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region (UDF-13-550-RAS)



Kazakhstan (PDF): Coalition Against Poverty: Oil Revenue Under Public Oversight (UDF-07-179-KAZ)

Kazakhstan (PDF): Enhancing Electoral Awareness and Inclusive Democratic Development (UDF-09-325-KAZ)

Kazakhstan (PDF): Human Rights Education for the Police (UDF-08-256-KAZ)

Kazakhstan (PDF): Civil Sector Capacity Building Initiative (UDF-11-451-KAZ)



Kenya (PDF): Enhancing Public Participation and Oversight in County Planning and Procurement (UDF-11-420-KEN)

Kenya (PDF): Promoting Awareness of Women's Human Rights through Community Radio Listening and Media (UDF-07-145-KEN)

Kenya (PDF): Voter Education and Registration (UDF-09-297-KEN)

Kenya (PDF): Youth Empowerment for Participation in County Government (UDF-12-490-KEN)

Kenya (PDF): Strengthening Governance and Democratization Processes (UDF-09-296-KEN)

Kenya (PDF): Strengthening Promotion of Women’s Rights (UDF-08-230-KEN)



Kosovo* (PDF): Capacity Development for Association of Journalists (UDF-09-334-KSV)

Kosovo* (PDF): Civic Involvement for Transparency and Accountability in Kosovo (UDF-11-468-KOS)

Kosovo* (PDF): Empowering civil society inclusion on democratic policy-making in Kosovo (UDF-08-265-KOS)

Kosovo* (PDF): Am I Equal in Kosovo Society? (UDF-13-575-KOS)



Kyrgyzstan (PDF): Development Pacts as an Accountability Tool for Local Communities (UDF-10-384-KYR)

Kyrgyzstan (PDF): Empowering Communities to Participate in Local Governance (UDF-08-257-KYR)

Kyrgyzstan (PDF): Make Radio / Make Progress - Breaking the Isolation of Mountain Communities (UDF-11-452-KYZ)



Laos (PDF):  Youth as Agents of Democratic Change through Knowledge and Information Acquisition and Exchange (UDF-10-385-LAO)

Laos (PDF): Lao Encouraging and Applying Democracy for Civil Society  (UDF-09-326-LAO)



Lebanon (PDF): Citizenship is My Right (UDF-08-244-LEB)

Lebanon (PDF): Creating a Liaison Unit Between Parliament and Civil Society  (UDF-10-375-LEB)

Lebanon (PDF): Youth Partnership for Improved Budgetary Governance in Lebanese Municipalities (UDF-10-374-LEB)



Liberia (PDF): Using Access to Information to Foster Open Expenditure and Budget Transparency in Liberia( UDF-14-591-LIR)



Madagascar (PDF): Promoting the Representation of Malagasy Women in Politics and Public Affairs (UDF-11-421-MAG)



Malaysia (PDF): The National Campaign towards Muslim Family Law Reform (UDF-12-512-MAL)



Mauritania (PDF): Strengthening the Political Participation of Communities of Former Slaves (UDF-10-359-MAU)



Mexico (PDF): Civil Society Advocating for Quality Education and Healthcare with Equity (UDF-08-279-MEX)

Mexico (PDF): Constructing Citizenship in San Luis Potosí  (UDF-09-343-MEX)

Mexico (PDF): Strengthening Democratic Participation Among Indigenous Peoples of Oaxaca (UDF-10-407-MEX)



Moldova (PDF): Civil Society to Monitor and Contribute to Transparency and Anti-Corruption Policies in Moldova (UDF-11-469-MOL)

Moldova (PDF): Women Can Do It-Balanced Participation in Decision-Making (UDF-08-266-MOL)



Mongolia (PDF): Towards a better electoral process (UDF-08-258-MON)



Morocco (PDF): For a More Vigilant Civil Society (UDF-12-502-MOR)

Morocco (PDF): Bytes Without Borders in Morocco (UDF-13-556-MOR)



Mozambique (PDF): Joint Contribution to Strengthen CSOs and Expand Democracy (UDF-10-360-MOZ)

Mozambique (PDF): Women in Politics (UDF-08-232-MOZ)



Myanmar (PDF): Deepening Democratization Processes Through Youth Leadership (UDF-07-180-MYA)

Myanmar (PDF): Empowered and strong civil society addressing the democratic needs of rural women (UDF-12-514-MYA)



Nepal (PDF): Advocating for the Rights of Widows (UDF-09-328-NEP)

Nepal (PDF): Enhancing Dialogue for an Inclusive Constitution (UDF-08-259-NEP)

Nepal (PDF): Institutionalizing Social Accountability of Community Radio (UDF-10-387-NEP)

Nepal (PDF): Political Participation of Marginalized Women (UDF-07-181-NEP)



Nicaragua (PDF): Arts as an Action to Stand up for Women's Rights (UDF-11-479-NIC)



Niger (PDF): Promoting Women's Participation in Local Budgetary Processes (UDF-11-424-NER)

Niger (PDF): Renforcement des Magistrats (UDF-07-151-NER)



Nigeria (PDF): Civil Society Support Initiative on Political Marginalization in the Niger Delta (UDF-09-301-NIR)

Nigeria (PDF): Procurement Monitoring (UDF-08-233-NIR)

Nigeria (PDF): Creative Communication of the Nigeria Budget ( UDF-13-544-NIR)



Pakistan (PDF): Electoral and Parliamentary Process and Civil Society (UDF-08-260-PAK)

Pakistan (PDF): Empowering the Voice of a New Generation (UDF-10-388-PAK)

Pakistan (PDF): Narrowing the Gender Gap in Flood-Affected Areas (UDF-10-389-PAK)

Pakistan (PDF): Strengthening Democracy by Empowering Youth (UDF-09-329-PAK)

Pakistan (PDF): Strengthening Youth, Minority and Women's Organizations (UDF-11-457-PAK)

Pakistan (PDF):  Democracy for Women's Rights in Sindh (UDF-07-182-PAK)



Palestine (PDF): Acculturation Towards Tolerance (UDF-08-245-PAL)

Palestine (PDF): Advancing the Rights of Women in the West Bank Periphery (UDF-10-376-PAL)

Palestine (PDF): Youth Local Councils for Civic Engagement and Social Change (UDF-09-311-PAL)



Paraguay (PDF): Dialogue to Strengthen Democracy (UDF-08-280-PAR)

Paraguay (PDF): Strengthening Women's Empowerment in the Democratic Process (UDF-10-408-PAR)


People's Republic of China

People's Republic of China (PDF): Empowering Vulnerable People through Internet: E- Learning Initiative for Young Migrant Workers (UDF-11-447-CPR)

People's Republic of China (PDF): Protecting Environmental Rights and Justice of the Public (UDF-09-320-CPR)



Peru (PDF): Building a Digital Democracy Network (UDF-09-337-PER)

Peru (PDF): Strenghtening Press Electoral Coverage in Five Regions (UDF-09-344-PER)



Philippines (PDF): Expanding and Fortifying Local Democracy Through People's Council (UDF-11-458-PHI)

Philippines (PDF): Institutionalizing Marginalized Communities' Paticipation in the Budget Process (UDF-10-390-PHI)

Philippines (PDF): Promoting Gender-Responsive Governance for Rural, Indigenous and Muslim Women (UDF-07-184-PHI)

Philippines (PDF): Strengthening Democracy at the Grassroots (UDF-08-261-PHI)

Philippines (PDF): Strengthening democratic processes for Bangsamoro Government in Lanao Lake Watershed Reservation (UDF-12-515-PHI)


Russian Federation

Russian Federation (PDF): Empowering Civil Society Organizations of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities (UDF-09-332-RUS)



Rwanda (PDF): Access to Justice and Human Rights Education (UDF-09-303-RWA)

Rwanda (PDF): Promoting Democratic and Human Rights Values among Rwandan Youth (UDF-09-302-RWA)



Senegal (PDF): Campagne de la Démocratie et des Droits de l''Homme (UDF-08-234-SEN)


Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone (PDF): Democratic Dialogue through Media (UDF-07-154-SIL)

Sierra Leone (PDF): Enhancing Grassroots Democracy and Responsive Traditional Leadership (UDF-12-496-SIL)

Sierra Leone (PDF): Initiative to Build Social Movements in Sierra Leone (UDF-11-425-SIL)

Sierra Leone (PDF): Enhancing Grassroots Democracy and Responsive Traditional Leadership (UDF-14-595-SIL)



Somalia (PDF): Promotion of Women Empowerment and Rights (POWER) (UDF-12-505-SOM)

Somalia (PDF): Strengthening Media Capacity for Democracy and Human Rights (UDF-07-168-SOM)


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (PDF): Civil Society Empowerment Project to Promote Democracy (UDF-08-262-SRL)



Sudan (PDF): Supporting the Role of Women Leaders in the Post-Separation Period (UDF-10-366-SUD)



Thailand (PDF): Cultivating Democratic Leaders (UDF-07-185-THA)



Timor-Leste (PDF): Enhancing Women’s Role in Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Nation-Building (UDF-07-186-TIM)



Togo (PDF): Programme d'Action pour l'Implication des Leaders Religieux et d'Opinion (UDF-08-236-TOG)

Togo (PDF): Droits et Libertés Pour Tous (UDF-07-156-TOG)

Togo (PDF): Towards Collaborative and Transparent Local Development Planning (UDF-11-429-TOG)



Tunisia (PDF): Support for Democratic Transition and Promotion of Citizenship (UDF-11-443-TUN)


Turkey (PDF): Empowerment of Women Citizens (UDF-07-197-TUR)

Turkey (PDF): Monitoring and Influencing Central Budget Through Civic Empowerment (UDF-08-268-TUR)



Turkmenistan (PDF): Engaging Women with Disabilities in Development Policy Making (UDF-12-517-TUK)



Uganda (PDF): Promoting Civic and Political Participation of Youth and Women in the Informal Sector (UDF-08-237-UGA)

Uganda (PDF): Youth Civil Society Empowerment (UDF-07-157-UGA)

Uganda (PDF): Grassroots Gender Accountability in Uganda (UDF-10-367-UGA)

Uganda (PDF): Strengthening Young Women’s Civic Participation and Leadership (UDF-UGA-13-547)



Ukraine: Your Local Representative, Strengthening Citizen Participation (UDF-09-336-UKR)


United Republic of Tanzania

United Republic of Tanzania (PDF): Empowering Civil Society to Monitor Development Programmes (UDF-09-305-URT)

United Republic of Tanzania (PDF): Jurisprudence on the Ground (UDF-07-155-URT)


Viet Nam

Viet Nam (PDF): Promoting Active Participation of Civil Society in Environmental Governance (UDF-09-331-VIE)

Viet Nam (PDF): Empowering Civil Society in Advocacy and Policy Development (UDF-10-392-VIE)



Yemen (PDF): Empowering Local CSOs through Participation in Local Governance (UDF-10-378-YEM)



Zimbabwe (PDF): Electoral Process Training for Civil Society (UDF-08-238-ZIM)

Zimbabwe (PDF): Promoting Human Rights through Providing Access to Information for Marginalized Women (UDF-11-432-ZIM)