Civil Society Response to COVID19

Thanks to all civil society colleagues for sharing the COVID-19 response stories!
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Secretary-General Holds Virtual Press Briefing

Civil Society Survey on Misinformation about COVID-19

In this public health emergency, the UN needs the help and effort of civil society to disseminate accurate information and counter stigma and myths. We are asking you to join us and act based on science, share your solutions and inspire solidarity!

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Greetings to civil society organizations from all over the world, whatever your affiliation. The Civil Society Unit facilitates the exchange of information and develops partnerships with civil society to enhance their interaction with and understanding of the work of the UN. Whether you are here just to look around, planning to become a member of the civil society community at the United Nations, or searching for the latest information on Civil Society Briefings, welcome!

United Nations is both a participant in, and a witness to, an increasingly global civil society; this dynamic relationship has become substantially more cooperative and productive over time. Partnerships are essential to ensure the continued and appreciating achievements of both the UN and civil society community. Association with the UN Department of Global Communications is one platform for civil society to work together with the UN, gain recognition and access to resources.

The UN Civil Society Resource Centre serves as a repository of information about UN events, activities and campaigns available to both DGC and ECOSOC associated civil society organizations. The Centre also serves as a place where civil society representatives can hold meetings or network. Visit the Civil Society Resource Center located at the UNITAR Building, United Nations Headquarters in New York, 801 First Ave, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10017, USA.

Civil Society Briefing at UNHQ

The Civil Society Unit of the UN Department of Global Communications holds Briefings on a regular basis on topics on the UN’s agenda that are of interest or relevant to the work of civil society organizations. The Briefings assist civil society organizations with their advocacy efforts on behalf of the UN and offer a unique opportunity to interact and network with representatives of civil society, academia, business communities, and Member States working on similar issues.


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