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Many countries unable to manage diversity, says Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta

He called for political cohesion that strengthens public confidence in institutions and provides people with the sense that the State fully embraces diversity.
UN News
Africa Podfest co-director Melissa Mbugua co-hosts the festival live from Baraza Media Lab in ...
Culture and Education

How podcasting is taking Africa by storm

A vibrant Africa-centered social media platform is bringing African voices together.
An image of a woman holding her baby.

Breaking the silence that led to surge in teenage pregnancies

In an environment where most families view sex as a taboo subject, parents are often in denial about their children being sexually active.
Ms. Phyllis Omido on the left, one of the lead poisoning victims, and her lawyer at the Mombasa ...

Kenyan coastal community defeats lead polluter in court

3,000 slum dwellers affected by lead poisoning awarded $12 million, but clean up pending.
Weapons destruction in the Central African Republic during the September Africa Amnesty Month.
Silencing the guns

#SilencingTheGuns: 7 African countries ramp up efforts to collect illegal firearms

Burkina Faso, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia and Kenya participated in the AU's Africa Amnesty Month in September.
16 Days of Activism

Violence against women spikes during heated electioneering

Some success in reducing the abuses, but obstacles to their elimination remain
Eunice Achieng Omondi, a survivor of violence hands checks on the vegetables she is taking to the market during a meeting with members of Usoma Support Group for Survivors of Violence in Kisumu. Picture Jane Godia
16 Days of Activism

Violence against women spike during heated electioneering

Some success seen reducing the abuses but obstacles to their elimination remain
Photo Credit:  Victor Andronache
Rebels in Sierra Leone: small arms not only take many lives, but also exact a heavy toll on African societies and economies. Photo: ©Impact Visuals / Teun Voeten
Cover Story

Small arms in Africa

Counting the cost of gun violence
Juliana Rotich, co-founder and executive director of Ushahidi
Web Feature

For girls, ‘it is possible to dream big’

Interview with Juliana Rotich, a leading African voice on tech

Building peace from the ground up

Key roles for civil society in keeping violence at bay
Sustainable development

Full steam ahead to sustainable energy

Tapping geothermal power in Kenya’s Rift Valley

Social media for a social cause

Leading by example, Kenyans mobilize support for drought victims
Cover Story

Young Africans put technology to new uses

Kenyan software a tool for political participation
Cover Story

Abolishing fees boosts African schooling

A giant step for children, but governments must navigate the pitfalls

An African chorus on climate change

From activists to presidents, a call for urgent global action

Security for the highest bidder

Shoddy policing for the many, costly private protection for the few
Cover Story

Africa fights the ‘people trade’

Scourge of human trafficking ensnares hundreds of thousand

Pursuit of justice or Western plot?

International indictments stir angry debate in Africa

Seeking the ‘shoots’ of economic recovery

Uncertainty over when African growth will revive

Mobilizing money at the grass roots

Self-help groups in Kenya boost domestic savings and investment

Emerging economies hold promise for Africa

But governments must play smart to get the best deals

Small loans widen horizons for the poor

More money behind microfinance groups in Africa

Trading from Cape to Cairo

Regional groups aim to expand trade within the continent

East Africa feels blows of Kenyan crisis

Economic and social repercussions affect entire region

A bank in every African pocket?

Mobile phones expand access to financial services
NEPAD in action

New cable to connect eastern Africa

NEPAD pushes for cheaper, faster telecommunications
Cover Story

‘Indigenous’ people fight for inclusion

Press for an end to discrimination and marginalization

Millions of activists for a day

Stand Up campaign seeks to garner public support to fight poverty
NEPAD in action

Kenya promotes ‘responsible tourism’

NEPAD efforts safeguard environment, combat poverty
Health Campaign