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Climate Change

Young climate activists take part in demonstrations at the COP26

UN General Assembly declares access to clean and healthy environment a universal human right

The resolution notes that the right to a healthy environment is related to existing international law and affirms that its promotion requires the full implementation of multilateral environmental agreements.
UN News
Swimming Common Octopus in the waters off Seychelles.
Climate Change

Seychelles fisherman diving deeper to catch octopus

Due to climate change, there are fewer octopuses now and the sea is rougher
African countries are focused on protecting and restoring natural areas and on managing ...
Climate Change

Africa’s role in saving the world’s damaged lands and ecosystems

In global battle against climate change and loss of biodiversity, Africa’s success is crucial
Ambassadors Martin Kimani of Kenya and Ana Paula Zacarias of Portugal at UN Headquarters
Climate Change

UN Ocean Conference: co-hosts Kenya and Portugal call for sustainable use of oceans

The event, to be held on 27 June – 1 July 2022 in Lisbon, will attract 12,000 participants
UN News
Fishermen off the coast of Tanzania.
Climate Change

Ocean more turbulent than decades ago, says Tanzanian fisherman

The waves are bigger and stronger, pressure is piling on fish stocks
Virtual meeting, with eleven participants in three rows.
Climate Change

UN Global Compact launches Africa Business Leaders Coalition to advance climate action and sustainable growth

It brings together CEOs from across the continent to advance Africa's sustainable growth, prosperity and development
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