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African Union Commissioner for Trade and Industry Fatima Haram Acyl (left) and India Minister of State for External Affairs Vijay Kumar Singh  (center) at the Third India-Africa Forum Summit in October 2015 in New Dehli, India. Photo: India Ministry of St
Franck Kuwonu  and 

India, Africa rekindle trade ties

Old friends explore new possibilities

Organized crime targets weak African states

UN urges stronger police, anti-corruption action to fight crime networks
Another Africa is possible," declare African civil society groups gathered in Mali (see article "Another Africa is possible"). A strong desire for change is spurring new visions of Africa's political and economic future. Photo : ©Joan Baxter

African Union: a dream under construction

Planners of new continental organization ponder design, encounter scepticism
Oliver Schwank  and 

Microfinance: What role in Africa's development?

Time to reassess the limits and strengths of small-scale lending

Slippery justice for victims of oil spills

Nigerian villagers lose lawsuit against an oil giant

Zambian businesses grapple with AIDS

Workplace programmes to protect productive capacity

Africa defends democratic rule

“Zero tolerance” for coups, constitutional violations
Photo: UNHCR/R. Julliart

Refugees turn to Ethiopia for safety and asylum

Country now hosts the largest number of refugees in Africa

Laying Africa’s roads to prosperity

The continent targets its infrastructure gap