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Economic empowerment

Tapping women’s entrepreneurship in Ghana

Access to credit, technology vital for breaking into manufacturing
Economic empowerment

Women struggle to secure land rights

Hard fight for access and decision-making power
Economic empowerment

Does financing benefit African women?

New initiatives to track the gender impact of development funds
Improving health

Gender violence hampers AIDS fight

Activists in Zambia counter a deadly link
Improving health

Investing in the health of Africa’s mothers

Lacking care, too many women do not survive childbirth
Combating violence

Security reform key to protecting women

Training, recruitment and prosecutions can reduce violence
Combating violence

Taking on violence against women in Africa

International norms and local activism start to alter laws, attitudes
Political Empowerment

North African women on the barricades

Activists press for freedom, dignity and rights
Political Empowerment

Three women laureates

Wangari Maathai, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee
Political Empowerment

African women are ready to lead

But social beliefs and attitudes hinder their quest

NEPAD embraces women’s rights

After slow start, continental initiative advances gender equity

Battling for equality on all fronts

Some progress since Beijing, but hurdles persist

African women’s long walk to freedom

Some gains, but an uphill climb still looms

‘Renewed energy for women’s empowerment’

Interview with head of UN Women in Southern Africa
Cover Story

African women: asserting their rights

Introduction to the Special Edition on Women
Improving health

In Africa, AIDS often has a woman’s face

Knowledge, power and resources needed to combat the scourge