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Economic empowerment

Teresa Gala (left) during an activity promoted by the women's association ASMTA.
Economic empowerment

"Today I am a financially stable woman”

- How business start-up kits are changing lives in Mozambique
Walvis Bay on the Atlantic Ocean is the main port in Namibia and home to many fishing companies.
Economic empowerment

Africa’s strategic priorities to recover better

— Cristina Duarte, UN Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Africa.
Women selling eggs
Economic empowerment

Increasing women’s access to capital critical in Africa’s fight against poverty

Women entrepreneurs continue to face greater barriers to accessing financing for their businesses
Economic empowerment

Does financing benefit African women?

New initiatives to track the gender impact of development funds
Economic empowerment

Women struggle to secure land rights

Hard fight for access and decision-making power
Economic empowerment

Tapping women’s entrepreneurship in Ghana

Access to credit, technology vital for breaking into manufacturing
Health Campaign