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Africa, Nigeria, UN Secretary-General, terrorism

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Africa, DRC, conflict, peacekeeping, United Nations

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Africa, Central African Republic, refugees

Africa, conflict, security, governance

sexual violence

Africa, sexual violence

Africa, general assembly, DRC, famine, World Food Programme

Africa, Olympics, refugees, UNHCR

Africa, Nigeria, refugees, Boko Haram, women

Africa, UN, conflict

UNMISS, sexual violence

Africa, refugees, UNHCR

Africa, famine, women and children, humanitarian affairs

Africa, refugees

Africa, Sudan, conflict, refugees

Africa, peacekeeping, conflict

Africa, Somalia, famine

Rwanda, genocide

Africa, UNHCR, refugees

Africa, Gambia, genocide

Africa, Algeria, Tindouf, refugees, aid, Flood

Africa, Central African Republic, aid, UNHCR, refugees

Africa, refugees, migrants

Africa, Somalia, famine, humanitarian affairs

Africa, Al-Shabaab, Mogandishu, terrorism, Somalia

Africa, conflict, Peacekeeeping

Africa, girls, conflict, children

Africa, Olympics, UNHCR, refugees

Africa, sexual violence, women

Africa, Kenya, Somalia, refugees

Africa, aid, peacekeeping, refugees

Africa, terrorism, Sahel, attacks

Africa, Burundi, food shortage, refugees

Africa, peacekeeping, refugees

Africa, sexual violence, social media

Africa, refugees, internally displaced persons, World Bank

Africa, terrorism

Africa, Nigeria, Boko Haram, refugees

Africa, Sahel, famine, hunger

Africa, refugees, Olympics

Africa, Boko Haram, Niger, Diffa, refugees

famine, Africa, WFP

Africa, Rwanda, genocide

peacekeeping, genocide, Rwanda, Darfur

Africa, famine, Horn of Africa, Help

rice, hunger, famine, Africa

Central African Republic, refugees

genocide, Darfur, Sudan

Africa, conflict, diamonds, UN sanctions

United Nations, peacekeeping, Africa, map, conflict

referendum, Africa, conflict

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