Complaints Guideline




Guidelines to file a Procurement Challenge


*Please read these Guidelines carefully before completing the Complaint Form.

In the event that you believe you have not been fairly treated, we will review your challenge if we perceive your case to be substantive. Our procurement challenge procedure is intended to afford an opportunity to file a challenge by UN Vendors who participated in eligible competitive procurement process (i.e. ITB or RFP resulting in awards above USD 200,000, issued by the UN Procurement Division and, starting on 1 January 2016, also by the United Nations Offices at Geneva (UNOG), Nairobi (UNON) and Vienna (UNOV)), and were not awarded a purchase order or contract. This new procedure is only open to unsuccessful bidders/proposers and after receiving a formal debrief.

This procedure is NOT available to UN Vendors who did not participate in selected ITBs or RFPs, to non-responsive or non-timely proposers/bidders, or when all proposals/bids are rejected.


 To qualify for a procurement challenge, you must first meet the conditions of eligibility and receive a debrief:

  1. For selected ITBs/RFP; and
  2. Issued by the UN Procurement Division (starting from 1 January 2016, also by the United Nations Offices at Geneva (UNOG), Nairobi (UNON) and Vienna (UNOV)); and
  3. Following a formal debrief; and
  4. Filing of a challenge must be within the time limit of 10 business days after the formal debrief meeting.

 To be complete, your procurement challenge must give the following minimum information:

  1. The vendor's full name, UN vendor registration number, email and postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers;
  2. The solicitation (ITB /RFP) number, title and name of the procurement officer;
  3. A detailed statement of all (i) factual (ii) legal grounds (iii) explanation of how the vendor was prejudiced and (v) the relief/remedy/action sought;
  4. All information establishing that the vendor is an interested party for the purpose of filing a procurement challenge;
  5. All information establishing the timeliness of the procurement challenge.


  1. Please quote the documents already submitted to the UN in response to ITB's and RFP's;
  2. Any incomplete complaint form received by the ARB will not be processed;
  3. Any late procurement challenge received by the UN will not be processed;
  4. All cases will be answered to and treated on a confidential basis.


Please use below form to document your complaint after which it can be sent to the Secretariat of the Award Review Board either via:

 Complaint Form in Word Format 


Email Address:

 Regular Mail to:

          United Nations
          Award Review Board
          1 United Nations Plaza
          14th floor, DC1-1481
           New York, NY - 10017

Special Messenger delivery to our Postal Address above.


Alternatively you can submit your complaint using our electronic COMPLAINT FORM