Commission on the Status of Women(CSW)
Fiftieth Session
27 February -10 March 2006

Frequently Asked Questions on the 50th Session of the CSW

Who can participate?

In addition to government representatives and observers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which are accredited to, and in good standing with, the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC are eligible to designate representatives to attend the session. Invitation letters to these NGOs were sent out in September 2005 by the Division for the Advancement of Women.
For information on how to apply for ECOSOC consultative status, please visit 

What should the eligible NGO do if it has not received the invitation letter?

The invitations were sent by e-fax electronically to all the eligible NGOs on our database, and followed up with air mail when fax attempt fails.

Please note that we only send the invitation to the headquarter of the organization at the contact number that was registered with the UN DESA Non-Governmental Organization Section (DESA NGO Section).  
In addition, a copy of the invitation letter will be included in the DESA NGO Section’s package to be mailed out to all NGOs with ECOSOC Consultative Status in November 2005.
Please note that DAW will send the invitation letters and confirmation letters only to the contact number listed in the DESA NGO Section’s database. 

In case the eligible NGO has not received the invitation, please
  1. verify with the DESA NGO Section whether if the organization’s fax and mailing address enlisted in their database are up to date;
  2. send request to to re-send the invitation.

How do NGOs register?

Eligible NGOs are invited to designate representative(s) to participate in the Commission. It is encouraged to provide the name(s) of alternate(s) in case the proposed applicant(s) is/are unable to obtain an entry visa to the United States of America.

Online registration is recommended through the Division’s website  Please log in using the organization ID and password provided at the end of the invitation letter sent by the Division for the Advancement in September 2005. The online registration will be open until Friday, 30 December 2005. Please do NOT send any duplicate pre-registration forms via fax or through the mail as this will only delay the registration process.  All confirmation letters will be available for download from our website.

Organizations without internet access, are required to type-in the registration form attached to the invitation letter and submit the completed form  by fax to (917) 367-0587 or send the form by mail to CSW 50 NGO Registration,
Division for the Advancement of Women, 2 UN Plaza, Room DC2-1282D,
New York, NY 10017, USA no later than Friday, 30 December 2005. A copy of the confirmation letter will be sent to the organization’s address/or fax number that was registered in the DESA NGO Section’s database.   Please note that we will not send confirmation letter to registrations received after 30 December 2005.

Please address all registration related questions to the Division for the Advancement of Women through (subject CSW50 Registration)

What should be done when attempting to login fails?

Since the passwords are case sensitive, instead of typing in the password, try to copy and paste.  If this still does not work, please send to the login ID# and password, and the list of participants, we can try to register for you.

 Please Note:  Accredited NGOs should not give its user ID and password to any other  organization, doing this is giving the other organization the rights to remove all the  participants registered up to that time and replace them with theirs.   

How many representatives are allowed?

The United Nations wishes to encourage the broad-based participation and representation of NGOs. There is no limited number each organization can register at the moment. However, due to limited space in the conference room, and security and safety ( concerns, the Security Officers at the doors of the conference rooms may limit the number of representatives attending the meetings.

How can NGOs participate in the CSW sessions and related events?

There are  several ways:

a) Submit Written Statements

NGOs will be permitted to participate in the session by providing written statements relating to the two thematic issues. For guidelines relating to these statements, please link to the NGO ECOSOC website. NGOs that are interested in providing a statement must do so no later than 10 weeks prior to the opening of the session . Please keep in mind that the United Nations requires ample time to process these statements as official United Nations documents for the Commission. Kindly submit these statements directly to:

Mr. Moncef Khane,
Room S-2950D,
United Nations,
New York,
New York 10017. 
(e-mail address:
b) Make Oral intervention

At the discretion of the Chairperson of the CSW sessions, NGOs may provide inputs into the session by presenting an oral intervention. The oral intervention’s topics must be relevant to the agenda items being discussed at that particular CSW 50th Session.  Please do not make a general statement.
NGOs should request time for their intervention in advance of the session. Please submit the request to including the following information:  
name of the speaker,
her/his contact information in New York,
endorsing groups,
and topic to be addressed.

NGOs requesting to make oral statements should provide twenty-two copies of their statements to DAW for distribution to the bureau and translators prior to the start of the sessions. The statement should be less than two double spaced pages. Please submit the copies to the Registration Desk for the CSW as early as possible.

c) Organize Parallel Events 

ECOSOC accredited NGOs who wish to organize Parallel Events during the session are requested to fill out on-line Parallel Event Request Form (please complete one for each event).

The NGO Committee on the Status of Women will manage all NGO requested Parallel Events. Any queries about NGO organized Parallel Events should contact the NGO Committee on the Status of Women at:
708 3 Ave.,
5th Floor, Room 101,
New York, NY 10017

Fax number: +1 (212) 209-7161
Focal point contact: Ms. Jackie Shapiro

d) Non-accredited NGOs organizing events

NGOs who are not ECOSOC accredited and plan to organize events outside the UN and Church Center should contact the NGO Committee to have their event included in a list being compiled by the Committee.

Contact Information:
NGO Committee on the Status of Women

708 3 Ave.,
5th Floor, Room 101,
New York, NY 10017

Fax number: 1 212-209-7161

Contact Focal Point: Ms. Jackie Shapiro at

Can the Division help to obtain entry visa to the United States?

The United Nations will not facilitate the travel and other subsistence arrangements for any participants to the 50th session of the Commission on the Status of Women. All arrangements surrounding travel, visas, accommodation and daily subsistence costs are the exclusive responsibility of the participants themselves.
Please note that participants are required to submit their visa applications at least three (3) months in advance to allow sufficient time for processing.

How can the media participate?

Media representatives wishing to attend the CSW should contact:

Media Accreditation & Liaison Unit
Department of Public Information
Room S-250, New York
NY 10017, USA 
Fax: 1-212-963 4642
The media accreditation form and other related data can be accessed at


For media enquiries, please contact: Renata Sivacolundhu, Department of Public Information, Tel: (212) 963-2932, e-mail:

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