Commission on the Status of Women(CSW)
Fiftieth Session
27 February -10 March 2006

Featured Parallel Events

Enhancing Women’s Global Leadership Through Information Technology

Requests for Parallel Events:

DAW has developed an online system called Parallel Events Request and Coordination System to improve the coordination and scheduling of Parallel Events held during the CSW Sessions. This new system is a ‘one stop shop’ for
UN Missions, UN entities and NGOs for coordination and scheduling of Parallel Events during CSW Sessions and for NGOs to register their representatives for the upcoming CSW Session.

All requests for Parallel Events will now be made online by the Parallel Event organizers. Some of the benefits of this new system are:

  • Reduce data entry error
    It will reduce data entry errors as each organization will be responsible for their own Parallel Events requests.
  • Enhance Communication
    There will be enhanced communication between DAW, the NGO Committee and the organizers via automatic email notification of Parallel Event submission and scheduling. Important ad-hoc notifications from DAW and/or the NGO Committee will be sent via email to Parallel Event organizers through the new system.
  • Dynamic Parallel Events Calendar
    Organizers will have access to the dynamic Parallel Event calendar. This calendar will show all Parallel Event requests as they are updated by the organizers and by the DAW or/and the NGO Committee. It will show the current live status of each Parallel Event request e.g. pending, submitted, and finally scheduled requests showing the location and time of the Parallel Events. This calendar will be an invaluable tool for organizers who may want to host a joint event or to make use of existing information to choose the timing of their own events. With this dynamic calendar, they can coordinate with other organizers who are hosting similar Parallel Events.

Parallel Events Request and Coordination System - help Information:

At any stage in the new system you can access help information from the main menu.

DAW will coordinate all UN Missions, UN Agencies and Inter-Governmental Organizations requested Parallel Events. These events will be on UN premises. Any queries about them should be addressed to DAW at:

United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
2 UN Plaza, DC2-12th Floor,
New York, NY 10017,
Fax: +1 (917) 367-0587
Focal point contact: Ms.Tsu-Wei Chang.

NGOs who are not ECOSOC accredited and plan to organize events outside the UN and Church Center should contact the NGO Committee to have their event included in a list being compiled by the Committee.

For Parallel Events taking place in the Church Center, there will be no charge as no equipment will be provided. However, NGOs organizing the events can bring their own equipment.

Any queries about NGO organized Parallel Events should contact the NGO Committee on the Status of Women at:

708 3 Ave.,
5th Floor, Room 101,
New York, NY 10017
Fax number: +1 (212) 209-7161
Focal point contact: Ms. Jackie Shapiro

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