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    • Welcoming Address by H.E. Mr. Miloš Koterec, President of ECOSOC
    • Opening Address: Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
    • Setting the stage for the dialogues: Ms. Magatte Wade, Founder, Tiossano

INTERACTIVE DIALOGUE: Innovations in Promoting Youth Employment

Promoting more and better jobs for young people requires strong partnerships among governments, business and civil
society, leveraging the unique assets of each partner. In this session, representatives of the private sector and foundations
and labor will discuss successful and innovative partnerships and policies that lead to job creation in developed and
developing countries, as well as those emerging from conflict.

  • Moderator Ms. Conny Czymoch, TV Moderator, Phoenix TV


    • Mr. José María Sanz-Magallón Rezusta, CEO, Telefonica USA
    • Ms. Sharan Burrow, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation
    • Ms. Reeta Roy, President and CEO, MasterCard Foundation
    • Dr. James Mwangi, CEO and Managing Director, Equity Bank, Kenya


    • Ms. Ronnie Goldberg, Executive Vice President, USCIB & Business and Regional Vice President, International Organization of Employers
    • Ms. Poonam Ahluwalia, President, Youth Employment Summit
    • Mr. William Reese, President and CEO, International Youth Foundation

INTERACTIVE DIALOGUE: Building New Business Models for Youth Employment

Entrepreneurship is one of the main vehicles for creating more and better jobs for young people. In this session, young entrepreneurs will be invited to tell their success stories about how they became job creators and in doing so to identify the conditions required to create new and high-growth businesses in both commercial and social enterprises that will employ young people.

  • Moderator Mr. David Arkless, President of Corporate and Government Affairs, Manpower Group


    • Ms. Linda Ben, Executive Vice President of Junior Chamber International, South Africa
    • Mr. Chris Bashinelli, Executive Director, Bridge the Gap TV
    • Ms. Eriko Yamaguchi, CEO and Founder, Motherhouse Company
    • Mr. AbdulMohsen Al-Badr, Director of Programme Development, Al Ghad Youth Forum


    • Mr. Tyrone Hall, Research Specialist, Integra
    • Mr. Boris Bulayev, Executive Director, Educate!
    • Dr. Nicole Goldin, Senior Advisor, Policy, Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning, USAID


    • Reporting back on the outcome of the interactive dialogues
    • Remarks by Mr. Ron Bruder, Founder, Education for Employment Foundation
    • Statement by Mr. Jose Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, Executive Director, Employment Sector, ILO
    • Address by Mr. Badr Jafar, President, Crescent Petroleum and CEO, Crescent Investments
    • Closing remarks by Mr. Sha Zukang, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs
    • Closing statement by H.E. Mr. Miloš Koterec, President of ECOSOC