Volume 16, No.08 - August 2012

Trends and analysis

Mapping the world for development

The Second Session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (GGIM) will be held at UN Headquarters in New York on 13-15 August 

The official announcement of the second session has been communicated to all the Permanent Missions to the United Nations. It will bring together government experts from all Member States to consult and deliberate on a number of substantive activities.

Issues to be addressed include the implications of the Rio+20 Conferance, the strategic considerations of future trends in geospatial information management (the five-to-ten-year vision) and the drafting of a statement of ethics for the global geospatial information community. The session is also expected to discuss the development of a knowledge base for geospatial information and to study the status of mapping in the world.

For more information:
United Nations Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management

Share your 90 seconds forest story

The UN Forum on Forests Secretariat (UNFF) has launched a short film contest together with Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and leading nature filmmakers to highlight vital role of forests (Deadline: 15 December 2012)

Everyone is invited to take part in this first-ever global multimedia initiative. One that will unite 200 million people in 193 countries to remind all of us just how vital forests are.

Forests for People is a short film contest that invites people from every part of the world, to create and share a personal film about their own relationship to the forest. How it inspires you. Shelters you. Nurtures you. Contributes to your life, or even makes life possible.

The contest was launched with a campaign film featuring Oscar-winning director Nick Park, Emmy winners Dereck and Beverly Joubert, acclaimed photographer Cristina Mittermeier, distinguished nature director Alastair Fothergill, pioneering cinematographers Louis Schwartzberg and S. Nallamuthu, renowned director/photographer and GoodPlanet founder Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and British film icon John Boorman with his son Charley, who is also a UNICEF ambassador.

How you make your film is entirely up to you. Use whatever you have to tell your story in 90 seconds or less. Every type of media, from video cameras to mobile footage, animation to photos, is welcome. You don’t have to be a professional filmmaker. The more stories that are told, the richer and more diverse our portrait will be.

How to enter
Once you’ve created your film, entering it is easy. Just upload your film to YouTube, then complete the short entry form, which will ask you for the YouTube link to your film. Each film entry will open a unique window on our diverse human connections to the forest. Together, they will help everyone see the forests in a compelling new light.

Judging and finalists
After the contest ends on 15 December 2012, an international jury will select 15 semi-finalist and five finalist films to be premiered at the April 2013 meeting of the United Nations Forum on Forests in Istanbul, and at the 2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Ther five finalists will also be invited to attend the film premiere at the United Nations Forum on Forests meeting in Istanbul, with travel support to be provided. All semi-finalists and finalists will be contacted after the judging is complete.

For more information:
Forests for People: UN International Short Film Contest

Contest Terms and Conditions

Campaign film clip