Launching consultations on system-wide coherence

General Assembly held its first informal session of its 64th session on 4 February, providing an opportunity for Member States to express their expectations about the priorities and outcomes of the consultative process

Prior to the session, H.E. Mrs. Tiina Intelmann, Permanent Representative of Estonia and H.E. Mr. Ghazi Jomaa Permanent Representative of Egypt have been appointed to facilitate the informal consultations.

In opening the consultations, the President of the General Assembly highlighted the importance of system-wide coherence and invited all Member States to engage in an open, transparent and constructive manner in the consultations towards concrete outcomes. The Secretary-General presented his two recent reports with actionable proposals to improve the governance and funding of UN operational activities for development as well as modalities to establish the composite gender entity.

Member States thanked the Secretary-General for the substantive work of the Secretariat in support of the consultative process, while expressing the expectation to see progress on all areas of work within the current legislative session. A number of Member States encouraged the Secretary-General to start consultations on the candidate for the Under-Secretary-General leading the composite gender entity.

In follow-up to the first informal consultations, Member States met on 12 February to discuss the workplan as well as the linkages between governance and funding. The Co-Chairs informed that further informal consultations will be conducted in five clusters, namely governance, funding, gender, independent evaluation of “Delivering as One” and system-wide evaluation. There was a strong sense of urgency to move forward on the issue of funding, based on updated and disaggregated analysis of the financing of UN operational activities for development.

In the upcoming 3 months, the Assembly plans to hold a series of plenary informal consultations, drawing on the outcome of the substantive work undertaken by smaller inter-governmental working groups, with a view to achieving significant consensus on most of the areas by May 2010.

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