Volume 14, No.8 - August 2010

Capacity development

Strengthening IT skills in the National statistical offices

Advanced Training Workshop in SAS software applications will be held in Pretoria from 2-6 August

This five-day intensive course, organized by DESA’s Statistics Division in close collaboration with Statistics South Africa in the context of the UN/DESA Development Account project for SADC member states, aims at strengthening IT skills in the National statistical offices as well as providing all SADC member states with a common understanding of IT related data editing issues which creates the possibility that the NSOs find common software solutions in the future.

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Editing population and housing census data

Workshop on the 2010 World Programme on Population and Housing Censuses: Census Editing, for Countries in the Caribbean Region will be held in Castries, Saint Lucia from 23-28 August

DESA’s Statistics Division in collaboration with the CARICOM Secretariat, is organizing a Regional Workshop for countries in the region on census editing in the context of the 2010 World Programme for Population and Housing Censuses.

The purpose of the workshop is to develop capacities of CARICOM national statistical offices (NSOs) with the techniques and procedures used in editing population and housing census data. The Workshop will cover elements of edit specifications and implementing the specifications in CSPro. The Workshop will also offer the possibility to the participants to present and discuss the experience of their countries on different aspects of census editing.

The workshop will be very hands-on, using the common core census questionnaire shared by many CARICOM member countries and sample data from some countries. Participants will be trained well enough to implement standard census edits at the workshop and be able to customize them after they return home.

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Government partnerships to promote innovation

Capacity building workshop on “Promoting Innovation in Public Service Delivery for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)” was held 21 – 23 June in Barcelona, Spain

Organized by DESA’s Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM) and the Government of Catolonia as part of the Public Service Awards Celebrations, over 80 people from 22 countries from around the world participated in the workshop which took place as part of the Public Service Awards Ceremonies and Celebrations.

As a result of the Capacity Building Workshop, government officials have created partnerships to continue sharing knowledge about innovation in government. The discussions and recommendations from the workshop were included in the Barcelona Declaration which was read prior to the Ministerial Round Table.

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e-Government development necessary to promote transparency

Capacity building workshop on “Advancing e-Government Development and Knowledge Management” was held in Barcelona from 21-23 June in line with the Public Service Day and Awards

On the occasion of the World Public Service Day and Awards, DPADM organized in co-operation with the Government of Spain and Catalonia this workshop to explore policies, strategies, best practices and tools to promote e-government and knowledge management in government with a particular focus on the achievement of the MDGs.

Winners of the inaugural UN e-Government Survey Special Awards 2010 presented cases from Australia, Bahrain, Japan, Oman, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Spain, and Tunisia, among others. Regional presentations about e-government challenges and solutions in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America were also featured and discussed.

The break-out session focused on the UN e-Government Survey, with an emphasis on how to advance e-government and knowledge management to facilitate the provision of public services. The workshop also provided time for discussions on innovative approaches, methodologies, and technologies in these critical areas.

Key lessons learned were incorporated into a set of recommendations, reflected in the Barcelona Declaration. Among them were the issue of considering e-government not as an additional technological option but as a duty of the state to promote engagement, transparency and accountability, which was defended by various government representatives.

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