Volume 14, No.1 - January 2010

Capacity development

Revising statistical classifications

Workshop on International Economic and Social Classifications will be held for statisticians of French-speaking countries from 25-28 January in Bamako, Mali

DESA’s Statistics Division in collaboration with AFRISTAT and the National Statistical Office of France (INSEE) is organizing a workshop that will present the conceptual as well as main structural changes for the revised International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) and the Central Product Classification (CPC).

The workshop will also review the current implementation of activity and product classifications in the region and will try to coordinate the work on a regional classification for AFRISTAT member countries.

More information workshop on International Economic and Social Classifications.

Implementing national development strategies

Mission to Chad from 13-22 November to recruit additional national experts to support the Government

Mr. Gustave Nébié, Inter-Regional Adviser of DESA’s Division for Public Administration & Development Management, went on mission to Chad from 13 to 22 November. The main objective was to participate in a recruitment panel for 4 additional national experts for the project “Implementation of National Development Strategy” and for the elaboration of a 2010 work plan and budget of this project.

After successfully supporting the elaboration of a National Development Strategy for Chad in 2008, the project now focuses on supporting the implementation and monitoring of the National Strategy. In this regard, more resources are needed (both financial and human) to support the Government. With these 4 additional experts, the project will be able to scale-up its activities, and a budget of around $1.7 millions is planned for 2010.

Establishing human resource manager’s network for Asia

During the International Symposium on Public Personnel Management in Beijing from 25 – 28 October a proposal was made to set up this network

Following a presentation of the Africa Public Sector Human Resource Managers’ Network (APS-HRMnet), which was established in February 2009 with the support of DESA, to the participants at the International Symposium, a proposal to establish a human resource managers’ network in Asia, similar to the one already implemented in Africa, was made.

This proposal was accepted by the participants with enthusiasm and appreciation and was discussed along with a presentation made by a participant from Sri Lanka. An agreement was reached to establish a small working group that would meet virtually and continue to work on the proposal.

It was also agreed that the working group will inform the Symposium participants on progress made regarding the establishment of the Human Resource Managers’ Network in Asia and on the way forward.