Pledge to Devote 67' to Public Service

In 2011, visitors to the Nelson Mandela International Day interactive exhibit were invited to make their own pledge to devote 67 minutes of their time to public service. Here are some of the pledges made.

* Last names and email addresses have been edited out to protect the privacy of those who filled out cards.

Pledge from Artur (Poland, 20)

Artur (Poland, 20)*

"I distributed approximate(ly) 50 flyers to other(s) and told them to support and help the community (in the United Nations Headquarters. I will do more! Promise."

Pledge from Ding (China, 21)

Ding (China, 21)*

"To visit the Red Cross and contribute my blood. Besides, I have done volunteer work for 78.5 hours. … I hope our world will be better and harmony!"

Pledge from Stephane


"I will empower youth to foster social inclusion by teaching and providing all to play sport in harmony."

Pledge from Andres (Mexico, 15)

Andres (Mexico, 15)*

"Going to my local park to clean. Mandela, you are my idol!"

Pledge from Michelle (Argentina, 17)

Michelle (Argentina, 17)*

"I will teach English and Math to other people."

Pledge from Dara (USA, 22)

Dara (USA, 22)*

"Work with children and keep them in school and learning."

Pledge from Livia (Puerto Rico, 52)

Livia (Puerto Rico, 52)*

"Speak and visit a person who lives(s) lonely."

Pledge from Alex (Nepal, 20)

Alex (Nepal, 20)*

"I will donate blood."

Pledge from Grace (USA, 16)

Grace (USA, 16)*

"Volunteer at a neighbor’s house that needs help cleaning up her property."

Pledge from Lamyah (Singapore, 11)

Lamyah (Singapore, 11)*

"Tomorrow (18 July) I will find any conflict on the streets and in my mind, figure out how it would be resolved."

Pledge from Sugandha (India, 17)

Sugandha (India, 17)*

"I will try to save environment."