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Trust with integrity: Harnessing the integrity dividends of digital government for reducing corruption in developing countries 2022年01月27日 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2022/DWP/176 PDF icon wp176_2022.pdf
Credit rating agencies and developing economies 2021年12月31日 Financing for Development ST/ESA/2021/DWP/175 PDF icon wp175_2021.pdf
The COVID-19 crisis: what explains cross-country differences in the pandemic’s short-term economic impact? 2021年08月10日 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2021/DWP/174 PDF icon wp174_2021.pdf
Economic insecurity and well-being 2021年07月30日 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2021/DWP/173 PDF icon wp173_2021.pdf
Variations in COVID strategies: Determinants and lessons 2020年11月30日 Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2020/DWP/172 PDF icon wp172_2020.pdf
What does the United Nations “say” about global agenda? An exploration of trends using natural language processing for machine learning 2020年10月23日 Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2020/DWP/171 PDF icon wp171_2020.pdf
How long will it take for LDCs and SIDS to recover from the impacts of COVID-19? 2020年10月20日 Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2020/DWP/170 PDF icon wp170_2020.pdf
Beyond the Business Case: The Strategic Role of the Private Sector in Transforming the Real Economy Towards an Inclusive, Green and Circular Future 2020年07月29日 Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2020/DWP/169 PDF icon 1597341834.8609.pdf
The economic and political costs of population displacement and their impact on the SDGs and multilateralism 2020年06月30日 Population, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2020/DWP/167 PDF icon 1597341832.9081.pdf
Exporters in Africa: What Role for Trade Costs? 2020年06月30日 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2020/DWP/168 PDF icon 1597341833.4695.pdf
Some considerations on external audits of SDG implementation 2020年05月27日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2020/DWP/166 PDF icon 1597341831.5086.pdf
A post-SDG Summit governance primer: interlinking the institutional, peace and justice dimensions of SDG16 (2016–2019) 2020年05月18日 Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2020/DWP/165 PDF icon 1597341830.9493.pdf
Economic properties of data and the monopolistic tendencies of data economy: policies to limit an Orwellian possibility 2020年05月17日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2020/DWP/164 PDF icon 1597341832.1575.pdf
E-participation: a quick overview of recent qualitative trends 2020年01月28日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Public Administration, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2020/DWP/163 PDF icon 1597341830.3171.pdf
How relevant is governance to financing for development and partnerships? 2019年10月17日 Financing for Development, Public Administration, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2019/DWP/162 PDF icon 1597341829.4958.pdf
The Role of Productive and Technological Capabilities on Export Dynamics in Developing Countries 2019年09月12日 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2019/DWP/161 PDF icon 1597341828.6737.pdf
Humanitarian SDGs: Interlinking the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with the Agenda for Humanity 2019年05月31日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2019/DWP/160 PDF icon 1597341828.0724.pdf
Art is long, life is short: An SDG Classification System for DESA Publications 2019年05月22日 Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2019/DWP/159 PDF icon 1597341826.5028.pdf
Lessons for Today from Past Periods of Rapid Technological Change 2019年03月18日 Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2019/DWP/158 PDF icon 1597341825.7881.pdf
The role of external audits in enhancing transparency and accountability for the Sustainable Development Goals 2019年01月16日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2019/DWP/157 PDF icon 1597341825.2797.pdf
The 2030 Agenda: The roadmap to GlobALLizaton 2018年11月02日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Social Development, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2018/DWP/156 PDF icon 1597341824.5682.pdf
From “Structural Change” to “Transformative Change”: Rationale and Implications 2018年02月28日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2018/DWP/155 PDF icon 1597341823.9746.pdf
A Scoping Study of PPP Guidelines 2018年01月31日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Social Development ST/ESA/2018/DWP/154 PDF icon 1597341822.4244.pdf
Towards a more comprehensive assessment of fiscal space 2018年01月19日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2018/DWP/153 PDF icon 1597341820.0282.pdf
Climate Change and Social Inequality 2017年10月17日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2017/DWP/152 PDF icon 1597341819.1157.pdf
Promoting structural transformation: strategic diversification vs. laissez-faire approach 2017年09月30日 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2017/DWP/151 PDF icon 1597341818.5022.pdf
Economic Diversification: Explaining the pattern of diversification in the global economy and its implications for fostering diversification in poorer countries 2017年08月23日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2017/DWP/150 PDF icon 1597341816.6976.pdf
Mapping the linkages between oceans and other Sustainable Development Goals: A preliminary exploration 2017年02月15日 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2017/DWP/149 PDF icon 1597341815.9811.pdf
Public-Private Partnerships and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Fit for purpose? 2016年02月02日 Financing for Development, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2016/DWP/148 PDF icon 1597341612.4911.pdf
What can Uzbekistan tell us about industrial policy that we did not already know? 2016年02月01日 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2016/DWP/147 PDF icon 1597341614.2085.pdf