Ode to Man, UNNY084G, 1968, Romania

Ode to Man

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This tapestry was designed by Ion Nicodim a Romanian painter and tapestry designer.  It was inspired by the poem of the same name by Tudor Arghezi, a Romanian poet.  A few lines of the poem are woven into the tapestry as pages of an open book.  The main theme of the poem is the glorification of man's struggle and victory over the forces of nature.  While the tapestry uses modern symbols and bears an universal message, it remains typical of Romanian folklore, using many traditional elements of popular Rumanian tapestry, such as in the design of the trees and leaves.  

Ion Nicodim was born in Constanta, Romania in 1932.  Originally a painter he devoted most of his time to designing tapestries.  This tapestry, created in 1963 , had been exhibited widely before being given to the United Nations, including Bucharest (1963) Sophia (1964) Budapest (1965) the United States (1965-1966) Athens (1967) and the Federal Republic of Germany (1967).

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Conference Building (CB)
2nd Floor
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Artist or Maker: 
Ion Nicodim
174 3/16 (w/out fringe) x 377 in.
Donation Date: 
June 4, 1968