Bali, Indonesia

09 December 2021

Secretary-General's video message to the Bali Democracy Forum

Watch the video:

This year’s Bali Democracy Forum reflects an important truth.

Recovery for all depends on equality for all.

COVID-19 has pushed this goal even further out of reach.

Plunging tens of millions of people into poverty.

Reducing people’s access to social protection, health care, and even food.

Setting the stage for a lopsided recovery.

Wealthy countries are quickly vaccinating their people and investing in recovery.

But developing countries are being left behind — short of vaccines and mired in debt.

As a global community, we need to stand together so all countries can support their people.

By providing urgent debt relief to countries in need.

By ensuring everyone, everywhere, has access to the COVID-19 vaccines.

And by investing in universal health coverage, social protection, education and opportunities for all.

Equality is not only the lifeblood of democracy.

It is an engine of recovery.

The ideas and solutions you will discuss at this Forum will push us closer to our shared goal of a more equal world.

Thank you for lending your voice to these critical efforts.