New York

12 October 2020

Secretary-General's video message for Climate Action Network: ‘World We Want' Public Mobilization Campaign

We live in profoundly challenging times.
COVID-19 has devastated lives and economies around the world. 
But it has not stopped the climate crisis.
Like the pandemic, global heating is hitting the world’s most vulnerable communities hardest.
Yet, as is so often the case, those who have done least to cause the crisis are taking the boldest steps to confront it.
These stories of urgency and resilience from the front lines of the crisis are essential.
They can inspire greater climate ambition around the globe.
But only if they are seen.
I commend the Climate Action Network for bringing these stories to the world, and for giving a greater voice to those who have struggled for too long to be heard.
There is much work ahead for the global community to build greater climate justice and resilience, as we strive for net-zero emissions by 2050.
But I remain optimistic. 
We can achieve the “world we want” if we work together and leave no person and no nation behind.