Istanbul, Turkey

17 September 2020

Secretary-General's Video Remarks to the Istanbul Mediation Conference: "Peace Mediation in the New Normal"

Greetings to all those taking part in the Istanbul Mediation Conference.  I am grateful to Turkey for hosting.
This year’s virtual gathering occurs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Meanwhile, we are also facing a pandemic of polarization and division.
Our world needs to come together and focus on our common enemy:  the virus.
That is why I appealed for a global ceasefire and urged all to help us intensify support for political processes and peace. 
Of course we have to do things differently in this new normal.
But by making the most of the power of technology, we can find innovative ways to engage with conflict parties and others.  To enhance inclusivity of peace processes.  To bring in the vital voices and participation of women, local communities and youth.
Thank you for your commitment to forging those new pathways. 
Together let us keep working to achieve real and sustainable peace.
Thank you.