Beijing, China

11 October 2004

Secretary-General's press encounter at UN House in Beijing

Q: You call for China to do a complete mobilization against the spread of HIV/AIDS; how do you characterize the situation in the country today?

SG: I think lots of progress has been made and from what I see, the Government is committed and the Government at the highest levels has declared its support and determination to fight the disease. But we shouldn't leave it to the leaders alone. As I've said, everyone should get involved.

I was at the university this afternoon, and I was very pleased that two of the very few questions that were asked were about HIV/AIDS. Because you need to get the young people involved, you need to bring in people with the disease and also encourage them to be part of the struggle against HIV/AIDS

So there's been lots of progress in the last year or two and I'm very, very pleased about that.