New York

29 February 2004

Secretary-General's remarks to CNN upon entering UN headquarters

Q: Mr. Secretary-General, do you have any comment on the Aristide departure and the change there?

SG: Well, I think the [Security] Council is discussing it now and the international forces will be going in to help stabilize the situation. And I think the humanitarian situation is very serious, and we at the UN will do all that we can to help the Haitian people.

Q: Is there a sense of frustration that ten years ago the UN did a peacekeeping mission there?

SG: I wish we had been able to build on earlier efforts but here we are, ten years on, back at it. And this time I hope the international community is not going to put a band-aid on, and that we are not only going to help stabilize the current situation, but assist the Haitians over the long haul and really help them pick up the pieces and build a stable country.

Q: Is this a democratic change that happened in Haiti? Should President Aristide have remained?

SG: President Aristide has resigned.

Q: Do you expect an apology from Britain over the spying issue?

SG: I think I've said all that I need to say about that.

Q: You haven't said it, your Spokesman….

SG: …my Spokesman has said all that needs to be said about that, and I have no further comment.

Q: Are you listening closer on the line for any clicks or bugs or anything? Have you done anything different in your routine?

SG: No, I'm going to keep doing my work the way I do it.

Q: Were you disappointed though in what you read or heard?

SG: (laughter)