New York

02 June 2020

Note to Correspondents: High-level Pledging Event for Yemen - Pledging result

Following today's High-level Pledging Event for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, please find below the result of the pledging.

On 2 June 2020, the virtual High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen brought together representatives of more than 125 Member States, and International Organizations, UN Agencies, NGOs and Civil Society to raise funding to meet the humanitarian needs of people affected by the conflict. For an overview of the conference and full documentation, see: 

Financial announcements (US$) 

Total amount: 1.35 B
Number of announcements: 30 
Announcements for the Yemen Humanitarian Fund: 14 
Country Announcements (US$) 
Austria: 1.10 M 
Belgium (1): 5.52 M 
Bulgaria (1): 55 K
Canada (1): 29.03 M 
Cyprus: 55 K 
Czech Republic: 737 K 
Denmark: 3.41 M 
European Commission: 78.21 M 
Finland: 3.31 M 
France: 9.60 M 
Germany (1): 137.97 M 
Greece: 33 K 
Iceland: 200 K 
Ireland (1): 5.52 M 
Italy: 5.79 M 
Japan: 41.20 M 
Korea, Rep. of (1): 18.50 M 
Lithuania (1): 110 K 
Luxembourg (1): 2.04 M 
Malaysia: 100 K 
Malta (1): 33 K 
Netherlands (1): 17.00 M 
Norway (1): 17.78 M  
Russia: 4.00 M  
Saudi Arabia: 500.0 M 
Slovenia (2): 93 K 
Sweden (1): 30.84 M 
Switzerland (1,2): 12.40 M 
United Kingdom (1): 196.56 M 
United States: 225.00 M 
(1)  Made announcement to the Yemen Humanitarian Fund
(2)  Made multi-year announcement

The UN acknowledges the generous contributions of donors who provide unearmarked or core funding to humanitarian partners, CERF and country-based pooled funds. We encourage you to tweet your pledges, by adding the hashtags #InvestInHumanity and #FundforHumanity. For more information about the conference please visit: All pledges converted to US$ using the UN operational rates of exchange on 1 June 2020. For the most recent updates on funding for Yemen, please consult:  Prepared by Partnerships and Resource Mobilzation Branch, OCHA