New York

6 February 2014

Note to Correspondents in response to questions about Homs, Syria

We welcome the reports that the parties have agreed a humanitarian pause to allow civilians out of, and aid into, Old Homs City. The United Nations and humanitarian partners had pre-positioned food, medical and other basic supplies on the outskirts of Homs ready for immediate delivery as soon as the green light was given by the parties for safe passage. Aid staff are also on standby.

Valerie Amos, the Emergency Relief Coordinator, welcomed the news of the humanitarian pause agreed in Homs, which will allow civilians to leave and the delivery of essential, life-saving supplies for about 2,500 people. She will continue to follow developments closely. She said that we need to see unhindered, continuous and safe access for humanitarian workers to deliver aid to the millions of people trapped in all the hard to reach or besieged areas across Syria.