New York

14 February 2013

Note in response to questions on a news item in Asharq Alawsat

The United Nations is aware of the news item published in the Asharq Alawsat newspaper.  Neither the Secretary-General nor the Joint Special Representative have any knowledge of the so-called plan.  However, Mr. Brahimi and his team continue to work with all stakeholders towards a peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict.

The Secretary-General and Mr. Brahimi welcomed Mr. Al Khatib’s openness and readiness to discuss with representatives of the Syrian Government.  The Secretary-General has said on several occasions that this was an opportunity to launch a credible process.

The United Nations has repeatedly said that the appalling levels of suffering and destruction in Syria are intolerable.  The Secretary-General appeals to all parties to end the violence and resolve the conflict through negotiations and a credible process that would lead to a real change, a clear break from the past, and fulfill the legitimate and democratic aspirations of the Syrian people.