Working Methods Handbook

"Arria-formula" Meetings

The following elements appear to represent the common understanding of the Informal Working Group on Documentation and Other Procedural Questions on "Arria-formula" meetings.

  • The members of the Security Council are encouraged to plan "Arria-formula" meetings, in accordance with paragraph 54 of the Note by the President of the Security Council (S/2006/507), and to take part in such meetings.
  • The content of the background note on "Arria-formula" meetings, prepared by the Secretariat in 2002, provides a useful description of current and past practice of "Arria-formula" meetings, and the members are encouraged to utilize the background note as a guideline without undermining the flexibility of "Arria-formula" meetings.
  • Any member of the Security Council convening an "Arria-formula" meeting is encouraged to carefully organize the meeting, so as to maintain its informal character.
  • Any member of the Security Council convening an "Arria-formula" meeting should inform all participating Security Council members about the planned procedure for and participants in the meeting, and is encouraged to do so well in advance.