LDC5 Exhibitions

Interested in organizing an exhibit at LDC5?



Please read all the information below prior to submitting a proposal.


What kinds of exhibits can be displayed at LDC5?
Exhibitions at LDC5 will showcase important topics that cover sustainable development issues pertinent to the Least Developed Countries, such as, poverty eradication, health, education the environment, women and girls, and more. They can feature photographic and multimedia displays that illustrate these topics through images, facts and data. 


How long will exhibits be on display?
Exhibits are on display for the duration of the conference, from 5 - 9 March, 2023.


Where are the exhibits displayed?
Exhibitions will be displayed in Exhibition Hall 7 of the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC). The dimensions of each exhibit should be within 3m x 3m - requests for larger spaces can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.  

Space is reserved after a full proposal has been submitted and approved. 


Who can organize an exhibit?
Anyone can submit an exhibit proposal including but not limited to: governments, non-governmental organisations and civil society, the United Nations organisations and other inter-governmental organisations.

For those interested in exhibiting at the Private Sector Forum, a separate application process is in place. Please visit the Private Sector Forum page for more details.


What content should the exhibit include?
All exhibits should:

  • Illustrate a theme(s) on the sustainable development agenda of Least Developed Countries.
  • Include content relevant to at least one Least Developed Country.
  • Include substantive information and data on the topic.


Who pays for the exhibit?
There is no rental fee to use the exhibition space. Exhibitors are responsible for all other related costs, including production, installation, promotion, and an opening/event reception (optional). Costs may vary depending on the scope of the exhibit and exhibitors are responsible for costing their exhibitions. 


How will exhibits be installed at the conference venue?
Upon approval of exhibitions, all exhibitors will be required to liaise directly with the Professional Conference Organiser on logistics related to installation. Contact details for the PCO will be provided to successful applications. The PCO will help to connect exhibitors with local vendors where needed. Exhibitors who have existing exhibitions they wish to display at LDC5 will still be required to liaise with the PCO on installation.


What else do I need to know before submitting an exhibit proposal?
Proposals for exhibits at LDC5 will be directed to the United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS) which is acting as the Secretariat for the LDC5 conference.

Proposals must:

  • Be in line with the kinds of exhibition topics mentioned above.
  • Require approval by UN-OHRLLS.


How do I submit an exhibit proposal?

Submit an Application Form

A portfolio template can be found here: PowerPoint Template

Please note that there are documents you need to attach to your application:

  1. Liability Waiver: Letter (not required for UN Secretariat) discharging the United Nations from all responsibility for loss or damage of the materials on display. The letter does not need to be in any particular format but must include letter head of the organizer and signed by the organizer. The letter must clearly articulate that the United Nations will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the materials on display and that the organizer is fully responsible for all costs related to the exhibition.
  2. Portfolio: A complete portfolio in electronic format using the PowerPoint Template including all art/photos, texts/captions, and audio/video to be displayed. The portfolio must include ONLY the content that will be displayed (no additional information, explanations, etc).  


What happens after I submit a proposal?

1.Proposals will be considered based on:
a) Illustrate a theme(s) on the sustainable development agenda of Least Developed Countries
b) Include content relevant to at least one Least Developed Country and 
c) Include substantive information and data on the topic. 

Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate transformative solutions for sustainable development in LDCs

2. You will receive a response within two weeks.

3. Further technical and logistical details will be provided at a later stage.


I have more questions, who can I contact?
For any further questions, please contact Mr. Damien Sass, email: sass[at]un.org with copy to Mr. Magnus Andresen : magnus.andresen[at]un.org



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