DPI/NGO Chat Series Organized by NGO Youth Representatives to DPI

Bullying: Complicit Silence in the Face of Indignity

Date: Tuesday, 10 October 2017
Time: 2:30—4 p.m.
Location: DPI/NGO Resource Center (Room U-205, 801 UN Plaza, NY) 


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George AnthonSpeaker George Anthonyy

Representative to DPI, Pathways to Peace


Javita NautSpeaker Javita Nauth h

Board Member, Gather for Good, Inc. 

George S. Anthony is an award-winning Educator and Conflict Resolution Specialist. Mr. Anthony has been featured nationally on ABC News’s “20/20: Special Reports’ Social Cruelty in Our Nation’s Schools” and on CNN’s “Crossing Borders”. He is featured in newspaper articles on bullying, conflict resolution, and ethnic diversity, as well TV news programs such as WABC’s “Bullying in the Classroom” news special.

Mr. Anthony has worked with the world-renowned Seeds of Peace Organization, The Anne Frank Center and The United Federation of Teachers. His programs have been recognized and implemented in both National and International Forums and his “Peer-to-Peer: Mediation Institute” was recognized at the United Nations as a Model Program. He is trained as a Conflict Resolution Specialist, certified in Mediation by Columbia University, the National Institute for Dispute Resolution, and the New York City Board of Education. George Anthony is an educator with over thirty years of classroom teaching experience.

He is the Executive Director of Peace Dynamics Consultants and Co-founder of the Institute for International Leadership, Non-Violence, and Service. He trains teachers, administrators, social workers, guidance personnel, and others in Conflict Management, Effective Communication and Leadership. He frequently works with Universities and Not for Profit Organizations. Mr. Anthony has produced award-winning videos dealing in issues of tolerance, leadership, and diversity. George Anthony works with numerous school districts, community, and corporate organizations and has co-authored ‘Stand Up and Lead” an Anti-Bullying and Leadership curriculum as well as publications and workshops on numerous topics. He currently coordinates “The Institute for Emerging Global Leadership” at Mater Dei Prep and serves as Primary Representative for PathwaysToPeace. His goal is to utilize technology, project development, “Train the Trainer” applications and effective sustainable dialogue towards solutions based paradigms in line with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Javita is passionate about research, working with children, young adults, families, and local members of the community by providing support to diverse populations in order to contribute to the overall success within underserved communities in a more wholesome and healthier manner of life. She is a graduate of The City College of the City University of New York with double majors in Psychology and History.

Her experiences ranges from working as a volunteer at local non-profits and a student researcher on challenging and rewarding longitudinal research studies, to a Peer Specialist at a behavioral health program and Associate Director at a team-driven grassroots project. Javita's most rewarding experiences were tutoring kindergarteners from low-income families to help build their literacy, social, and cognitive skills needed to succeed in kindergarten as an AmeriCorps volunteer, along with fundraising and online advocating for women and children of domestic violence. In addition, she and her sister are part of a grassroots fundraising organization called Gather4Good, Inc., which focuses on promoting awareness and advocacy for parity and empowerment with other like-minded grassroots locally and internationally.

She is currently a member of the International Honor Society in Psychology (PSI CHI), the National History Honor Society (Phi Alpha Theta) and the Eastern Psychological Association of Graduate Students (EPAGS). Javita is always looking for new, fresh, and innovative opportunities to collaborate in meaningful advocacy and community outreach. 

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