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Libya: The Aftermath of War
Overview of situation in Libya just after the civil unrest and the work being done by UNMAS and its partners. 06:34 min




UNMAS 2.0 Video
Introduction to the work of UNMAS 2013 and beyond.These stories provide a glimpse into the daily work of UNMAS. They document the impact of mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) and the determination of the international community, affected and donor states, the UN, civil society and most importantly affected communities themselves to bring an end to the suffering caused by mines and ERW.Since 1997, UNMAS has worked in over 25 countries, territories, or missions around the world coordinating and delivering clearance of landmines and other explosive remnants of war, left behind after the cessation of armed conflict. UNMAS is about security, stabilization, human rights and humanitarian assistance. In short, UNMAS enables development. 08.11 min




UNMAS South Sudan 
DPKO with UNMAS worked successfully over the last five years to clear landmines and explosive remnants of war in South Sudan. There is still work to be done.
04.46 min




Jeremy Renner in Afghanistan with UNMAS 
The well-known American actor discovers the work of UNMAS in Afghanistan.
08.04 min