UN deputy chief calls for strengthened IAF

DSG Jan Eliasson

DSG Jan Eliasson

At the opening of the eleventh session of the United Nations Forum on Forests, the Deputy Secretary-General, Jan Eliasson, called on delegates to work on agreeing a strengthened International Arrangement on Forests, which balanced ambition and practicality.

“A meaningful decision on strengthening the International Arrangement on Forests will put us on a path towards a greener economy and a more equitable and sustainable future for all,” said Mr. Eliasson said in remarks to the Forum.

UN News Article

UN News Centre published a news article on the speech delivered by Jan Eliasson.

Statement Jan Eliasson

The office of the Secretary General made Jan Eliasson’s statement available on their website.

Video Jan Eliasson

UN Web TV offers to view the deputy chiefs full speech on demand. The video is available underneath this paragraph.