Our Offer

As an international civil servant in UNDSS, whether you’re operating at the frontline or playing a vital part back at our headquarters, you will make a significant contribution to our crucial mission and the UN’s mission: taking collective action to build a peaceful world. 

UNDSS is committed to building an organisational, inclusive culture free from gender bias and discrimination. Our recruitment initiatives aim to enhance our diversity at every level, and we particularly welcome applications from people with a wide range of backgrounds.

We offer careers that could take you anywhere, both in terms of your geographical location and your future possibilities. We’re looking for tomorrow’s leaders today, and we’re excited to hear from you if you have the skills and potential we are looking for.

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What Would You Do?

The "Security Coordination Officer (P3 and P4)" and the "Chief Security Adviser (P5)" positions may be located anywhere in the world. You could find yourself joining a team at our New York headquarters, in a field office, in a large peace mission or operating autonomously in a remote field location. Our most pressing and larger needs are in complex humanitarian emergencies and conflicts zones.

P3 & P4 | Security Coordinators


Security Coordinators handle a range of responsibilities and functions. They are responsible for analysing security risks, planning, developing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of security measures. This may include analysing threat information, undertaking risk assessments and developing risk management measures. This requires collaborating closely with colleagues and many different stakeholders, supervising staff, thus requiring excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills. At P3 level, you will need several years of relevant professional experience and a degree-level education to join us, whilst P4 positions require more extensive experience plus some exposure to management roles.


P5 | Chief Security Adviser


Chief Security Advisers provide close support to the highest-ranking UN Official and to the representatives of UN organizations who are part of the Security Management Team. Operating at a strategic level, you will lead a security team, manage relationships with local authorities whilst overseeing all security programmes and initiatives, mainly in complex environments. Equally importantly, you will work in collaboration with a large number of stakeholders within and outside of the security area. You will assume responsibility for managing human resources, budgets, training and communications. Naturally, these roles demand extensive professional experience at a senior level with exposure to leadership experience, and a degree-level education.