Climate Change

A woman worker in a harness next to solar panels.

UNFCCC calls on organizations, businesses, universities, governments and others taking bold leadership on climate change to nominate their work for a special 10th instalment of the awards.

Aerial view of the tropical rainforest in Timor-Leste.

The 10 New Insights in Climate Science 2020 report by leading international scientists and presented to the UNFCCC reveals the most important findings within the field of climate science over the last year. It can help drive collective action on the ongoing climate crisis and help build momentum for a successful outcome of this year’s UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in November.  The report presents the need for aggressive greenhouse gas emission cuts to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement among other issues.

Illustration representing life on land and sea life.

UNEP warns 2020 was not only the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also the year of intensifying climate change: high temperatures, floods, droughts, storms, wildfires and even locust plagues. Even more worryingly, the world is heading for at least a 3°C temperature rise this century. We need strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the Paris Agreement goals of holding global warming this century to well below 2°C and pursuing 1.5°C. Nations must urgently step-up action to adapt to the new climate reality or face serious costs, damages and losses.