students in a classroom in Nepal


The UN family - through its funds, programmes and specialized agencies - carries out activities to improve the lives of people around the world.

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10-year-old Dania Al Fares

Dania’s Story – capacity building through inclusivity

As noisy and energetic as her friends around her, Dania’s story is one markedly different from those of her classmates. From Syria and now a refugee in Lebanon, Dania was born with Down Syndrome.
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Dima practices handwriting at his study corner while his mother looks on.

Ukraine: A Child’s First Year of School, During a Sixth Year of Conflict

Across much of the world, families are preparing for the early September journey back to school. Families in this part of the world must prepare for other, more lethal, concerns: avoiding land mines on their children’s paths to school; being wary of artillery shelling during their class time.   



school lesson under a bridge

The school under a bridge in New Delhi

For the past nine years, Rajesh Kumar Sharma has been operating a makeshift school between two pillars of the aerial metro that runs across India’s capital. More than 200  children from the surrounding slums attend this open-air classroom every day.
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World Bank

students in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Realizing education’s promise in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Imagine you are a 19-year-old student from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), excited to be looking for your first job. Now imagine the frustration you would feel if day after day, month after month, your journey continued to be stalled when every employment opportunity ends with rejection.