A young boy herds his families cattle in the dry and desolate lanscape of the city of Tawaila in Northern Darfur.


The chef on a sustainability mission

Chef Megha Kohli is a trailblazing chef, who runs the only Armenian restaurant Lavaash by Saby in New Delhi, which presents an entire menu created from local vegetables and fruit farmed responsibly. She advocates for zero food waste by keeping a register of all expiration dates, providing sensible portions and using every part of each ingredient. Her story is part of the video series created to promote sustainability as a tool against desertification and land exploitation. 


Enjoy the Land Anthem "Born from the land"

Sing along with the UNCCD Land Anthem "Born from the Land" with Ricky Kej and Baaba Maal, released in 2019.

Ricky Kej is known internationally as a music composer, a No.1 artist on the United States Billboard chart and a Grammy Award winner for his album titled Winds of Samsara.

Baaba Maal is a world-renowned musician from Africa. He lent his unique voice to the soundtrack of the international blockbuster Black Panther, which won an Oscar and a Grammy Award for its music score.

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Barkissa Fofana

Science combatting desertification

Barkissa Fofana, a young microbiologist from Burkina Faso, is confident that science can help combat climate change and desertification, and she is carrying out research to prove it.


Ensure food security for farmers in Madagascar

In Ankily, Soalay and his fellow villagers in southern Madagascar have experienced repeated droughts and failed harvests. In 2017, FAO put in place an early warning system and an early action plan to monitor the risk of drought and consequently mitigate its impact.

A man looking towards the horizon of a desertic landscape in front of a sea.

Sahel, a region of opportunities

Desertification and drought are a big problem in the region of the Sahel. But that does not mean there aren't growing opportunities. See what the situation is and how the people lead their daily lifes.