Please note the following COVID-19 related measures:

Accredited media representatives must be fully vaccinated to access UNHQ and carry proof of vaccination with them, noting that they may be requested to make it available to UN personnel

By swiping their UN-issued pass, all media representatives entering UNHQ confirm they have not had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 in the last 5 days or a positive COVID test result in the last 5 days

Persons experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection such as seasonal flu are required to stay at home.

The use of masks at UNHQ is voluntary but may be requested in some cases of close proximity.


Proof of vaccination may include:

CDC Vaccination Card
NYC Vaccination Record
NJ COVID application
Clear application
Other national/domestic mobile device applications that confirm vaccination status
An official immunization record from outside NYC or the U.S.

If you received the vaccine outside the U.S., you must have an official immunization record that includes:

First name and last name 
Date of birth 
Vaccine product name  
Date(s) administered
Site where the vaccine was administered, or name of the person who administered it.

In agreeing to the Media Access Guidelines, journalists seeking accreditation must abide by provisions aimed at “safeguarding and protecting the United Nations Headquarters complex (UNHQ) and ensuring the safety, security and comfort of all of its occupants”. In addition, the Guidelines indicate that “additional unannounced restrictions may be implemented due to security and safety issues without notice.”

Please contact the Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit (S-250) to inquire whether in-person coverage of a meeting is permitted. In-person attendance at briefings, stakeouts and meetings may be limited in order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

These measures will be continuously reviewed and adjusted depending on how the health situation evolves and on the regulations of the host state and the United Nations.

Thank you for your cooperation.