A poppy memorializes lives lost during World War I in Belgium. Photo courtesy  Jelleke Vanooteghem / unsplash
UNRIC Brussels

Former World War I battleground calls for ceasefire during COVID-19

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, called for an immediate ceasefire to protect the world’s most vulnerable communities from the virus. This included women, children, persons with disabilities and displaced persons in conflict zones.

UN humanitarian workers at a site for internally displaced people
Department of Global Communications

UN repeats call for ceasefire as it works to save Middle East from COVID-19

With the coronavirus pandemic threatening further suffering in countries already experiencing conflict in the Middle East, the United Nations is working to stop COVID-19 from taking hold in the war-ravaged region, where humanitarian needs are already enormous.

UN Messengers of Peace

UN Messengers of Peace support the Secretary-General’s appeal for a global ceasefire

More than a million people around the world have joined the UN Secretary-General's appeal for a global ceasefire as we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The United Nations Messengers of Peace, Goodwill Ambassadors and SDG Advocates are also adding their voices in support of the appeal for an immediate global ceasefire.