Postcard Responses

In observance of the International Day of Peace, the United Nations Peace and Security Section distributed thousands of postcards globally asking people from different walks of life to tell us what they would do for peace.

International Day of Peace Postcard 2006 - Dove Postcard for International Day of Peace 2006: Tell us what you can do for peace? Response side of postcard.
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The responses were overwhelming. Here are some samples from Africa, the US and the UK:

Taylor Boria

Response from Taylor Boria

I will convinse my parens to Hold up Sign or Vote for peace I'll do eneyting for peace so please stop the war please!

Laura Kingsley

Response from Laura Kingsley

I can donate money to some organizations. I could sent a letter to the United Nation, telling them to make peace; it probably would not work but it could help.

Alexandra Peace Morrison

Response from Alexandra Peace Morrison

I can be friendly to other people, make shirts with the word ‘PEACE’ on it and sell them. I will give the money to people in other countrys who are dying and suffering and need it.

David Pincus

Response from David Pincus

bind a middle idea and negotiate

Cameron Ewan

Response from Cameron Ewan

Make posters for peace because the posters will be in the street and people will see them.

Elsa Lindy

Response from Elsa Lindy

We could make peace bracelets and hand out peace cards.

Karlene Church

Response from Karlene Church

I can ignore argument and fights and pray for people who need peace.

Kamala Birch

Response from Kamala Birch

I helped default land mines in Afghanistan. By raising money and sending it to church World Service.

Pedro Millard

Response from Pedro Millard

I can convins people 18 or older to vote fore a god presudent

Eddie Joe

Response from Eddie Joe

I can convince my parents to vote for good world leaders.

Peter Kulko

Response from Peter Kulko

I can start a club to raise money for the UN

William Merrill

Response from William Merrill

I can donate money to a peace keeping charity, hand out flyers and tell people and make signs.


Response from Andrew

When I grow up, I can stay away from drugs and guns. I can also run for president and make drugs and firearms illegal.

Jonathan Roman, second grade

Response from Jonathan Roman, second grade

I would say plese stop Fighting for peace.

Nefertiti Makeda, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Response from Nefertiti Makeda, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Andinet means unity & oneness in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. We will teach the message of peace by teaching unity and working together for the common good.

Saibo Singka’a, Cameroon

Response from Saibo Singka’a, Cameroon

Formalize and continue to promote an already existing forum “The PARAGON”. It is an evening discussion session held on Saturdays fortnightly for people with examplery characters “to share their secrets”. It inspires the young to grow up to to be goo”.

Caroline Yembe, Yaounde, Cameroon

Response from Caroline Yembe, Yaounde, Cameroon

As a Soroptimiste, we help to advance the status of women, encouraging equality, human rights and friendship. Peace starts with me at my little corner, with my family, friends & colleague. Visiting and councelling women faces marital violence.

Scott Forbes

Response from Scott Forbes

I can convince my parents to do something about the wars that are going on right now like Darfur.

Chia Desmond, Yaounde, Cameroon

Response from Chia Desmond, Yaounde, Cameroon

I can try to Be Peaceful with me and my friends.

N Djountche Nono Linda, Yaounde, Cameroon

Response from N Djountche Nono Linda, Yaounde, Cameroon

By planting peace plant every where I go.

Cameron Hodgson, United Kingdom

Response from Cameron Hodgson, United Kingdom

What can I do?
I wrote to the UK’s Foreign Secretary asking her to continue pressure on Burma to come to the UN Security Council. I’m especially concerned about the plight of the prisoner of conscience Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma. Thanks for your efforts.

Ramel Isaiah Munt

Response from Ramel Isaiah Munt

What can you do for peace? I would not fight when other people fight because it is wrong to fight with other people. Saying bad words in bad because it is mean. Doing wrong things or bad because you will get in trouble

Joseph O’Rourke

Response from Joseph O’Rourke

Don’t figth with our friend. Do not kill. Don’t be bad. Dont say bad words in school or somewhere that you go to. Don’t punh a person.