Take Action


What You Can Do to #BeatAirPollution

This year’s World Environment Day provides an opportunity for each of us to combat air pollution around the world.

Nine out of ten people breathe polluted air. From 24 May, through to #WorldEnvironmentDay on June 5, we are calling on everyone to join the Mask Challenge.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Use public transport or car sharing, cycle or walk.
  • Switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle and request electric taxis.
  • Turn off the car engine when stationary.
  • Reduce your consumption of meat and dairy to help cut methane emissions.
  • Compost organic food items and recycle non-organic trash.
  • Switch to high-efficiency home heating systems and equipment.
  • Save energy: turn off lights and electronics when not in use.
  • Never burn trash, as this contributes directly to air pollution.
  • Choose non-toxic paints and furnishings.



How can governments get involved?

  • Announce new requirements on industry to reduce harmful air pollutants.
  • Make a pledge to phase out petrol and diesel-based cars, and increase investments in renewable energy sources.

How can cities celebrate?

  • Offer free transport in urban areas.
  • Commit to making more pedestrian and cycle-friendly zones.

How can businesses get involved?

  • Consider how you can reduce emissions of air pollutants from facilities and supply chains.
  • Make a pledge to use recyclable materials for your products.

How can civil society take part?

  • Commit to using more public transportation, cycle or walk.
  • Make a commitment not to burn trash.

How can schools and universities celebrate?

  • Consider installing air quality monitors to check air quality on your campus.