Webinar Series

Becoming employers of choice for people with disabilities:
Challenges and opportunities for global intergovernmental organizations

Global organizations face similar challenges when seeking to become employers of choice of persons with disabilities. This series of webinars seeks to provide guidance to organizations on how best to approach the different challenges and offers a space to share best practices among global organizations.

Webinar 1

3 June 2021 - How to measure progress in numbers and satisfaction levels of staff with disabilities

Webinar 2

24 June 2021 - How to increase the number of persons with disabilities applying to job vacancies

Webinar 3

1 July 2021 - Making the recruitment process fully accessible and inclusive of persons with disabilities. Click here for webinar's recording

Webinar 4

15 July 2021 - How to ensure effective provision of reasonable accommodation

Webinar 5

29 July 2021 - Becoming employers of choice for people with disabilities

Webinar 6

12 August 2021 - Employee Resource Groups/affinity groups on disability.