Volume 19, No.09 - September 2015

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Looking ahead at the Post-2015 Summit

Sporting tournament day in Protection of Civilians Site 3 in JubaMore than 150 world leaders are expected to attend the UN Sustainable Development Summit from 25-27 September at UN headquarters in New York to formally adopt an ambitious new sustainable development agenda. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that the summit “will chart a new era of sustainable development in which poverty will be eradicated, prosperity shared and the core drivers of climate change tackled”. Read more

70 General Assemblies – 7 decades of commitment

Every year in September, the United Nations – and New York City – get ready for the annual invasion of Heads of States, government leaders, NGO’s, academia, and other change makers that flock into town for the UN General Assembly (GA).  And as the GA is celebrating its 70th session this year, and the landmark Post-2015 Summit will mark the kick-off of the Sustainable Development Goals, this September is bound to be a historical one. Read more

Sustainable development through geospatial information

UNOG Open DayStatisticians, technicians, ministers, geospatial information management authorities, development experts and other stakeholders showcased the vital role of the collection of geographic information for the realization of a sustainable, inclusive world for all, at the Fifth Session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), which took place from 3-7 August at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
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mdggap2015_cover_lMDG Gap Task Force Report 2015: Taking Stock of the Global Partnership for Development

The 2015 Report continues to monitor the five core domains of the Global Partnership for Development, namely, official development assistance (ODA), market access (trade), debt sustainability, access to affordable essential medicines and access to new technologies, as prescribed by MDG 8. This year marks the last of the series of this monitoring process with a closing report tracking 15 years of the global partnership for development. Read more

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