Volume 17, No.08 - August 2013

Feature articles

Food, Energy and Cities discussed online with DESA experts

Photo: UN DESA

As a way to bring United Nations reports closer to the general public, eight experts from DESA held a Facebook chat on 25 July to promote the recently launched World Economic and Social Survey 2013. Here are some of the questions and issues raised from all around the globe and an overview of the report. Read more

A new statistical standard to measure sustainable development

Image: DESA Statistics Division

The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA), an international standard on statistics, was recently agreed among UN Member States, and is currently being implemented. The aim of this standard is to report on the interrelationships between the economy, the environment and the society through  clear, concise and coherent statistics and indicators. Read more

Young migrants, between opportunities and risks

International Youth Day is commemorated every year on 12 August 2013. This year the theme of the International Youth Day is Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward. To better understand this issue, watch the interview with Daniela Bas, Director of Division for Social Policy and Development. Read more

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World Economic and Social Survey 2013

image002The world is faced with challenges in all three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. For instance, more than 1 billion people are still living in extreme poverty, income inequality within and among many countries has been rising and, at the same time, unsustainable consumption levels and production patterns have resulted in huge economic and social costs and may endanger life on the planet.

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