Volume 17, No.02 - February 2013

Feature articles

Empowering people for social change

Promoting empowerment of people will be at the core when the Commission for Social Development convenes for its 51st session. “Empowering individuals and social groups requires a comprehensive set of policies and institutions. From education and health care to economic and social policy, activities that seek to empower people are expected to increase opportunities and improve people’s quality of life”, said Ms. Larysa Belskaya, Vice-Chair of the Commission’s Bureau. Read more

Getting the data right for global development

Getting the data right for global development

Statistics play a vital role as the world community works to enhance development across the globe. Health, the economy, the environment and the Millennium Development Goals; these are just a few of many areas measured and analyzed. On 26 February, the UN Statistical Commission will convene to assess how this work can be further improved to meet new and emerging challenges. Read more

New ECOSOC President elected

Ambassador Néstor Osorio of Colombia was elected to serve as President of the Economic and Social Council on 28 January. DESA’s Under-Secretary-General Wu Hongbo thanked the outgoing President, Miloš Koterec and congratulated Mr. Osorio on his new role, stating that the Colombian’s leadership came during a period of transition crucial for the future of the planet. Read more

Comings and goings

John R. Wilmoth was appointed Director of the Population Division effective 2 January 2013. With a distinguished academic background, Mr. Wilmoth has served as Professor of Demography at the University of California at Berkeley and has previously also worked for the Population Division as Chief of its Mortality Section from 2005 to 2007. Read more

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