Volume 15, No.12 - November 2011

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Promoting peace, job creation and food security

Promoting peace, job creation and food security

The General Assembly’s Second Committee has many pressing issues to address this fall including poverty eradication, agriculture development and energy efficiency. A new agenda item on “People’s empowerment and a peace-centric development model” has also been introduced. DESA News spoke with Ambassador Abulkalam Abdul Momen, who leads this important work. Read more

Online community welcomes UN DESA

Online community welcomes UN DESA

On 24 October, UN DESA officially launched its presence in social media. Pouring in from across the globe including India, Australia, Iran, Italy, USA and Sudan, the response has been very positive. “We are honored to work with you and know that only together can we truly change anything,” stated one NGO working to eradicate poverty through education. Another Facebook user in Nigeria commented, “this is simply good.” Read more

Nobel Laureate briefs about world economy and debt crisis

“The economic challenges are great. And the policy frameworks responding to these economic challenges are not up to the mark. In fact, in many countries, they are going in the wrong direction,” said Joseph Stiglitz, recipient of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics as he briefed a meeting held by the Second Committee and ECOSOC on 24 October. Read more

Publications and websites

New UN stamps illustrate importance of forests


New UN stamps illustrate importance of forests

The UN Postal Administration (UNPA) issued a series of eight stamps to commemorate the International Year of Forests on 13 October. These vibrant new stamps illustrate the importance of trees and forests in people’s lives.
Designed by internationally celebrated artist, Sergio Baradat, the artwork highlights the beauty of forests, and their vital link to life on earth. “For centuries, stamps have been valued for their role in chronicling human history,” said Jan McAlpine, Director of the UN Forum on Forests Secretariat. Read more

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Comings and goings

Mr. Thomas Buettner

Mr. Thomas Buettner, Assistant Director and Chief of the Population Studies Branch of the Population Division, retired at the end of October 2011. He joined the Population Division in 1992 and worked mostly in the area of population estimates and projections. Mr. Buettner made major contributions to the work of the division. Read more

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